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Our Mission – Liberation

Hoply was founded by a circle of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. These upstarts advocate financial freedom through unconventional channels, that is, beyond the  8 to 5 grind of employment. After all, there can be no true liberation without self-employment. Self-actualization naturally occurs when each person controls his time, resources and networks. Our mission, therefore, is to spread the power of entrepreneurship, primarily through the digital channel.

What This Site Is About

Hoply collates the collective income generation tactics of its founders for the benefit of everyone. The end goal is not wealth, but the quality time you can create in the control of such wealth. We don’t advocate materialism, rather, we encourage an balanced living unshackled by the burdens of poverty. We have minted entrepreneurs since 2002.



Mr. J – Lead founder, lawyer, author and captain of several endeavors. Rainmaker and opinion leander in the IT industry.

Stern Welz–  Maverick tycoon invested in six diversified industries. Very secretive- as is this bio.

Mark Vardan– Consummate blogger, famed affiliate marketer. Authored several successful business books under pseudonyms

Melissa Angeles–  Fashion maverick, medical doctor and director of three dermatological clinics

Trisha Guiness, Ph.D– Built a digital marketing empire from a tiny office- her entire staff works remotely from different parts of the world.

Dwight Reese- Visited every capital city of the known world. Made a fortune in photography


Matt McGivern– Solid name in the warriorforum. Digital media entrepreneur

Anne McKann-Six figure info product maverick. Owner of IvyDissertations.com

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  • 45A Ferndale Road, Hoylake, Wirral, Merseyside CH47 3AT, UK
  • (0151) 064 0661


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