The Secret Formula To The Law of Attraction

You Can Have It All- And This May Be the Last Secret You’ll Ever Need

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You will change your stars

15 Years ago I left college. I had no idea  what I wanted and the concept of employment felt alien. I knew I sought to be captain of industries- one where I didn’t have to toil just to survive- and be powerful enough to provide the same to my family.

Unfortunately I had only $50 in my pocket.

Today, I head more than 10 companies and have taken scores of employees to millionaire status.  I want you to replicate that.

Synchronicities and The Formula To Creating Reality

Was it all a coincidence? Maybe.

Yet coincidence is actually Synchronicity in Motion.

Think about it… every  single small or large decision we have ever hatched ultimately leads to an outcome.  We tend to think that the future is random. Nothing can be farther than the truth.

All outcomes are determined by you… if you know the formula to Life itself. And this formula is what I unveil to you today.

Subtle Energy Is the Root of all Power

The reason most of us fail is because we are surrounded by so much negativity.

You wake up and see your past due bills. The toast is burnt. A dumb bastard cuts you on the road. Then at work, you receive a pink slip. The rest of the month slides from there. You feel like a failure and you act accordingly. Things plummet the rest of the year.

It’s the principle of resonance. You resonate with the energy around you. External misfortunes influence your brainwaves and you ultimately resonate even more misfortune. You make mistakes. You begin losing. And therein lies the unfairness of it all: if you’re surrounded by nothing but bad energy, you’ll run in a wheel of spiralling misfortune. Is there a way out?

You bet.

You’re about to learn how to channel the cosmic energies of the world to your favor. No matter how bad things are.

Cosmic Energy and You: Prepare the Rush.

Does the concept of cosmic energy sound a little New Agey to you? Let me prove to you that it exists and that there are forces we use daily but just don’t know it. Try these two cosmic forces raising experiments:

  • When you feel weak or low, imagine pulling a zipper from your groin all the way to your upper lip. Within in seconds, your confidence will return and strength doubles. You can test it by running kinesiological tests or measuring yourself with an egely wheel. Why does it work? There’s something called the microcosmic orbit and you just bolstered it. Doing the opposite by unzipping someone from the lip down to the groin severely weakens that person. You can test it on yourself or a friend. Endurance drops
  • Do you know the symbol of Infnity? This is the figure eight lying on its side. Use your right hand and sweep it repeatedly tracing the infinity symbol in the air. Measure your energy after 2 minutes. It should have trebled.

These are among the several techniques I used to raise life force to create a golden life- long before The Secret was unleashed by Rhonda Byrne. Doing several of these exercises destroys any negative resonance and restores you to equilibrium. You achieve and fly high

For those who have followed my work in the metaphysical arena, you may have heard of other techniques I loved to preach- tactics like the Pentagram Operation, Vision Charts, Ascension Seats, chi generators. All that. All that helped. But before I even delved into those, I learned of The Formula of Life and it is because of this formula that the year 2001 to 2014 exploded magnificently. And recently this was validated when I found that the Mangrum brothers Skye and Jason  had published a book outlining the same tactics a few years ago.

Are you ready to learn my  secret? Great. Before you do, watch these two videos. Really immerse yourself in the messages. Then read on.

The Formula of The Good Life

1. Decide one item that you want to materialize into the physical plane. Start with easy goals, and as your powers of concentration and focus increase, proceed onto items that are bigger. In the beginning, you may be challenged by your logical.  Pessimism is hardwired into almost everyone to protect you from failed expectations – after all conventional thought insists that you do not create your reality and cannot command it.

That is a lie. And I’ll prove it to you

2. Write down a single statement that encapsulates your strongest desire – by writing it, you force thouught into reality. Use the following statements:

  • I order xxx
  • I command xxx
  • I bring down xxx

This formula is akin to programming your standard office laptop.

Anything after the words –I ORDER pertains to your desire- and this  has to be concrete. This will be the reality you create.

i.e “I DEMAND my house amortization paid in full by Nov 3, 2015”

3. Let’s ramp it up and get the Universal Energy   into play.  What you are to do now is to unleash the power of attention and focus . Concentrate and solidify consmic  energy into the written statement by personally creating a symbol that signifies it.

Let’s proceed with the previous example. Get your amortization documents and cross-out the sum due with a pen or pencil, and write –“0.00”  above it. Place that document next to your written statement, and in large letters write, –PAID IN FULL BEFORE NOV 31st!? – This is a powerful representational and gives the Universal Energy a clear goal- to erase the debt  before Nov 31st.

4. Results come faster to when your provide greater detail. Hence, set your symbol in a location where you will see it and be reminded of your intention.  Every glance sets your desire on its descent into the physical realm.

5. Amp it up. On your piece of paper with the Command, write down as many direct and indirect advantages you can brainstorm, seeing all these things come to pass in your mind’s eye as you compose.

6. Develop a perfect scenario of that which you’ll do as an outcome of this manifestation. Appreciate how all this appears in your own life. Tell a narrative. Write it down. Make it as detailed and graphic as your passion allows… each new image brings you another step closer to establishing your item. But don”t be attached to the exact methodology of the outcome… the end result might be  tad different from what you envisioned. Still  you’re giving it “life” and intelligence as you compose- thus reinforcing the power to  command reality. This is also known as future pacing

7. Next… write one question: “What are the chances that all this can come to pass today?”

Immerse in silence. Stay calm, and listen. You’ll shortly pick-up on Ideas, thoughts and theories that can unveil avenues to the end target of your desire. (Remember, energy isn’t restricted by space or time.)

8. Once your thoughts cease, stop. Take that paper and fold until little enough to fit inside your bag, or in your own wallet. Wrap it in a red ribbon. The focused energy of these words bring greater surge to the Universal Energy… the conduit is you. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed through the mind. Remember- attention, focus and detail form matter.

9. Stay  totally detached to your manifestation as it happens in the physical realm. Rest assured that through the occurrence of Synchronicity, your Idea will show at the perfect time plus location for your best advantage… even in the event you do not comprehend why in that instant.

The Formula is Yours

This was the very first metaphysical manifestation tool that I’ve used- and even before the first 2 months passed, life changed in amazing ways. I ran into all the right people – from arcane masters like Jobet Claudio, Kent Sayre, Ernie Vega,  Karl Welz and Charles Cosimano – to business giants and entertainment magnates all the way to Tech Tycoons. A few years ago, powerful members of the Vatican College of Cardinals helped me through a bit of a challenge. And I won.

Opportunities rained like there was no tomorrow and I kept the bucket out catching the blessings. It doesn’t stop.

How is your life path set? Are you all set to steer that ocean of energy your way? Then begin today. I’ve given you the very tools that kick started it all.


Are you after the rest of  my lethal arsenal? Read on here.




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