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Wealth Masterclass

Learn the Secrets of Internet Millonaires!

Our masterclasses are 2 to 4 hour recordings of live sessions conducted across 7 continents. Master what truly works and what can take you to the stars. Instant download- so you can start your road to tycoonship today


The Wealth Masterclass 2014

You'll smile as much as her

You’ll smile as much as her

The Wealth Masterclass 2014 Covers All New Ground

None of the content for the Masterclass 2014 had been discussed before and the revenue streams are multitudinous. You will learn 2 hours worth of income generation – even if you don’t have a website. Infact, for many of the tactics here, you DON’T need a website.

What’s included:

Income generation through repetitive peanuts: that means you’ll make several $3 earnings from several sources per day. (no website required)

  • Teaser: Did you know you can make up to $200 daily from torrent
  • Teaser: Did you know you can seize $100 daily from a Youtube video
  • Teaser: Are you aware that freebies can pad up your bank account by $100 per source per day

Income generation through large peanuts: that means you’ll make a few $50 earnings from some sources per day (website optional)

  • Teaser: Did you know you can exploit anarchists and make them pay YOU up to $200 per exploit
  • Teaser: Did you know the secret that made Forbes.com so wealthy?

Income generation through amazing virality: you’ll learn how to create a fanpage that will generate thousands to hundreds of thousands of fans without advertising. This is a solid support platform for all other techniques you will learn here.

  • Teaser: Learn the powerful tactic that makes a fanpage go from zero to viral… and churning profits

Income generation through monster peanuts: you’ll make windfalls of $3000+ per month through a killer channel.

  • Teaser: there is a way to take any sloppy website to a net value of $100,000 in 3 months. The proof’s right there. And included is the secret to accomplish this.

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Consulting Insiders

The Consulting MasterClass: Learn How to Start Online Coaching

  • My foolproof method of positioning yourself as a top flight consultant online fast – regardless of what you know (30 days) (90 minutes)
  • The exact way to get buyers to come into your roster. If you don’t know this, you are probably getting freebie seekers on your list, and they don’t buy. (60 minutes)
  • My solid 5 hour product creation method for creating internet marketing niche trainings fast that sell for between $37 and $97 easy. (3 hours)
  • My secret source for getting sales letters written super fast and that convert really well.
  • How to create a coaching program from scratch (with my secret method, you don’t even have to write the first lesson before your first client pays you) (67 minutes)
  • How to record your coaching lessons in such a way that you turn them into long term products
  • How to outsource your traffic for cheap in the India, HongKong and the Philippines like I do

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Venom Traffic Masterclass

Venom Traffic System

  • An indepth study on how I use article marketing different than most people to get more clicks than most people (my CTR averages about 18% and I average about 160 views per article – so an average of about 30 clicks per article – or $180 in revenue per article)
  • An advanced teaching on how to use forum marketing in today’s market to generate some of the most highly qualified leads on earth
  • My own proprietary formula for doing email adswaps that DON’T burn out your list and grow your list – and your income – fast
  • Precisely how I find the best solo email ad partners – and the exact sources I use
  • How to use blog marketing to generate targeted traffic online –
  • A brand new secret source of traffic I haven’t shared with anyone outside this source (don’t ask me what it is if you don’t buy this, or if you get locked out by not being one of the 30, I won’t tell you)
  • My secret method of supercharging article marketing to take it to the next level
  • My own personal dissection of the latest google algorithm change – and why it’s GOOD for article marketers, not bad
  •  And much much more!

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Affluence Masterclass

The Wealth Masterclass of 2013

We have conducted 8 masterclass courses this year. The Basic Course runs for over 3 hours and the Advanced Course over 4 hours. 12 participants have been empowered. Experience now, what they’ve learned.

  • Discover the ultimate techniques to get brand new sites ranked and indexed in 3 hours. No paid SEO
  • Discover how to get a targeted sales page ranking for explosive buying keyphrases – even if your competition has pagerank 7
  • Discover the best converting products on the web- and how to promote them without capital.
  • Discover how to leverage the power of trimedia for your products and services without spending a dime.
  • Discover why watching TV can get your rich
  • Discover how to create mega powerful sites with massive pagerank (this site has a pagerank8!) and sell them on auctions for $50,000 to $100,000
  • Discover methods to promote your zero cost wares through non-website channels- and rake it in
  • Discover the behemoth networks that can transform any puny web asset into a monster money maker
  • Watch step by step the process described above through video conferencing.
  • Resign your day job

The Wealth Masterclass had been held in various hotels but a recording of the live online class via AnyMeeting.com is available in mp4 format

Now, you can learn exactly how it’s done … step-by-step… so that you can create miraculous results …all within a matter of hours…

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SEO Swat Tactics  by Joseph Plazo

SEO Swat Tactics


This SEO manual took five years in the making. It was forged by rabid brand professionals with the heat of experience. If your life depends on online business success, this may be the last technical manual you will ever read.


If you’ve never made money online for yourself or your business, you will change that today. SEO Swat Tactics goes beyond mere SEO. It covers all the tricks and traps of internet marketing including backlinking, creating authority, and launching black and greyhat campaigns.


Since 2005, I’ve seen thousands of SEO marketers lose entire income streams overnight.

And it wasn’t very long ago that I was in the same boat. I was executing online marketing just like everyone else, following what the gurus were saying, and sitting pretty on a few high ranking sites. I bought a hundred books on the subject, and sold a few of my own. As a result, I and a few of my associates became legendary in web marketing forii.

But Then Everything Changed

Out of nowhere, my websites all TANKED. From pagerank 6 down to pagerank 4. Adsense income dropped by half.

Naturally I later found out that it was thanks to a cute animal called the Google Panda. I found out that it had actually affected thousands of websites, and I wasn’t the only one who got massacred.

My Income Dropped by 60%

As you might imagine, the cold sweats crept in and clouded my thinking. What was I supposed to do now? I had clients depending on my company’s marketing promises. And now- I was failing them.

Then it hit me.

I wasn’t building a sustainable marketing assault.

So after getting killed in the SERPs, I finally learned my lesson. I decided to build a real, brandable business from that point on. No longer would all of my traffic come from SEO, but from multiple sources as well. That meant that even if Google slapped me silly, my sites and that of my clients continue getting traffic.

And you know what happened? I developed a system of building websites that just cannot fail. Not only does it help me rock in the SEO and the online marketing world, but it draws tons of traffic from other sources like a waterfall.


What I finally devised was a simple system that even lobotomized quadriplegics can succeed at. Even if you don’t have a lot of technical skills- you can start creating online properties that rank well and STAY there.


+Why old school doesn’t work anymore
+What shenanigans Google does during updates
+ Why old school backlinking methods kill your rankings
+ The 15 most powerful sources for your backlinks
+ Killer resources that take your traffic to marketing heaven
+ How to sell anything under the sun- and win at it.


The book contains 60 pages of hardcore material not even found in blackhat forii. It will take a beginner online marketer only a single day to fully master the system.Templates for deployment dot every chapter to get even the laziest hitting the ground running.


Currently being revamped

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Facebook white magic by joseph plazo

Facebook White Magic

PDF encapsulation of our Social Media Masterclass. Learn how to rake it in with facebook.

Never Made Money Online?

In 3 Days, you will take your online or offline business to a fevered frenzy of marketing success- generating an army of loyal followers numbering in the thousands. If your company never made money online, that will change today!

What’s the cheapest form of advertising? Push it on Facebook!

Facebook has a billion prolific users. Can you hear the cash register in that network? This Facebook marketing manual shows why your business needs a Facebook presence, trains you to establish up a powerful Page,delves in methods to engage your customers, imparts great marketing and advertising opportunities, and reveals how to analyze your results. Use Facebook for customer service, engagement, and much more. It’s your store- open 24/7!

Some key tactics:
Identify your clients — define your ideal audience and engage your customers with a personalized touch
Create Interest — post video links, import blog posts, connect your page to social networks
Engage ’em — boost your Page’s visibility, create posts that get attention, use links, and thank your key enthusiasts
Expand with apps — inflame a frenzy with apps that create a sticky site. Like contents
Blast the ads — discover Facebook’s advertising system and how to create ads that work
Branch outwards- discover methods to increase your fanbase without advertising and learn how to interconnect for maximum impact

– Attracting thousands of rabid fans
– Followers sharing your contests
– Subscribers liking your every post
– Fanpage owners offering joint ventures
– Likers opting in for your special offers
– Readers begging for your product pages
– Advertisers begging to buy facebook ad space just to make money online

This isn’t blackhat- this is a hardcore Insider Guide reavealing killer facebook marketing which had made money online for dozens of our inhouse clients.

Your Facebook training guide is chockfull of pictures and contains the key insider tactics of facebook marketing and online promotions revealed in our seminars held in three capital cities around there world.

This is the guarantee: Master every step within this blueprint- and you will make money online like never before

Currently being revamped.

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Pinterest White Magic by Joseph Plazo

Pinterest Black Magic

PDF encapsulation of our Social Media Pinterest Masterclass. Learn how to rake it in with Pinterest.

Marketing of Facebook? That’s Old School.The big boys are making bigger bucks selling on PINTEREST- the World’s Fastest-Growing Website!

So you thought Facebook, Multiply YouTube, and Twitter were big? Hah. Pinterest leapfrogged them all. As a master Pinterest marketer, you can draw fevered traffic flow of this site more than twitter ever could.

Stop and ask yourself: why should you start marketing right now on Pinterest? One word: MORE. You’ll drive more traffic, get more customers, and make more money than ever!

How Does Pinterest Work?

Let’s look at the iinnards of Pinterest. Most see it as huge virtual pinboard empowering people to look through interesting stuff, pin them and and leave notes below what was pinned.Go deeper. What is Pinterest famous for? The unique selling point of Pinterest that draws you and I are its chill and captivating pictures. People are visual creatures and we relish viewing beautiful shots of people, nature, food, etc. On Pinterest, we pin what we like to see, and other people pin what they like to see. The trick here is to let your visuals get pinned as often as possible. This is how affluent marketers made millions off Pinterest.

Why choose this book over the average bookshelf tome? Two reasons: Experience and Connections. The authors not only hold ten years digital marketing experience, they are also some of the more prolific names at hardcore online marketing sites like DigitalPoint, WarrioForum and BlackHatForums. They know what works.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

1. How to create a powerful Pinterest profile, set up boards, pin and repin photos
2. How to delve into magnetic content creation, how to optimize websites and blogs for pinning, and how to expand your subscriber base.
3. How to deploy advanced Pinterest marketing techniques, including how to funnel subscribers to any website, email capture system or transfer site.

The entire training runs for 60 pages and leaves no stone unturned. Expect full mastery by the last page.

Currently being revamped.

Social Media Masterclass by Joseph Plazo

The Social Media Masterclass

Ever wanted to take a fanpage from 0 fans to 50,000 rabid fans? We have the secrets right here. Learn how Coke, McDonalds and FHM did it! It’s pure marketing power in a 3 hour recording of our live masterclass held at Marco Polo Gateway Hongkong, 2013.

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The Social Video Masterclass

It’s the year of social videos. Did you know that virality on Youtube, Vimeo and similar services can drive more clients to your site than tri-media? In this two hour masterclass, you will learn the secret methods of going viral almost in 5 days. Part grey-hat, part white hat, you’ll unleash a force that no PPC can ever match. And no- this is not the notorious Unlisted method.

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