How to Pass Convergys Tests and Exams for BPO

How to Pass Convergys Tests

Passing Convergys Exams and Tests Can Be Very Easy

This is it- you’ve sent in your resume to the world’s largest BPO and a call comes 24 hours for an interview and exam. Should you be worried?

Definitely not.

This guide will help you enter the most prestigious BPO and kickstart a lucrative career.

Typical Convergys Opening Questions

The very moment you enter the interview room, a polished recruiter will start throwing questions in English

“How does one ensure that you provide customers with the greatest possible service?” and “Are you O.K. with a flexible program?” represent typical interview questions  during the Convergys interview procedure.

Applicants seeking to succeed should reveal a moderate desire  for customer service work together with enough charisma to deal with all kinds of people. Call center work, after all, is about resolving customer issues rapidly.

Here are Possible Convergys Interview Questions:

  • Apart from this occupation, what other types of jobs have you applied for?
  • Have you got any call center experience?
  • What exactly is your ideal occupation?
  • How would you describe great customer service?
  • What would you do if you’d problem putting a customer in a occupation?
  • When a endeavor didn’t turn out the manner you anticipated, how did you manage the situation?
  • Are you available now? When would you be ready to begin?

There is no right and wrong answer for such questions. The interviewer is grading how fast you think on your feet and how fluently you reply. Hence it is vital to come with pre-prepared answers for these typical questions. If you know your answer in advance, you won’t stammer. You’ll shine like a star.

Convergys  Plays Games to Test Your Command of the Language

  • A standard game played by the recruiter is to make the applicant pick a black and white picture at random. The applicant is then given 5 minutes to make a complete story out of the picture and to verbally narrate the story. To pass this test, you must demonstrate fluency -that  means minimal “ahh, uhhh” and beating around the bush. A recommended technique to pass this is to practice by looking at any picture you may have and inventing a creative story about it. Again, no right and wrong answer. The recruiter is after your fluency. Try this now by making up a funny story about this picture:

how to pass a convergys picture test

  • In addition to the picture game, Convergys recruiters also play the tongue twister game. They hand out sheets of paper with sentences containing rhyming statements and request the applicant to read this out out loud. A sample would be “She sells sea shells on the sea shore”.  Be confident. You will pass this test by slowing down your rate of speech and breathing easily as you pronounce each sentence. There’s no rush. First time applicants make the mistake of speeding through everything and making a mistake in the process.

The Global English Test – The Waterloo of Most Applicants

After going through the first-line tests described earlier, applicants are then tasked to complete a multiple choice test on the internet. Called Global English, the test requires reading several paragraphs and answering questions for each. Here’s the easy way to pass: DO NOT READ THE PARAGRAPH in advance. Read the questions first then skim the paragraph for the answer.

It’s Easy to Get Into Convergys!

All you need to know are the questions and situational tests they throw at you. You can download these videos and PDFs so that you can score 100%. And maybe get a higher position too:

Get the Full Convergys Assessment Tests

Download Convergys Assessment Tests


Get the Full Convergys Situational Exam and Panel

Download Convergys Assessment Tests

Need a teaser to what Convergys will throw at you? These videos will help you ace various tests and seize that high salary that only Convergys is known to reward you with:

(take not: not all these tests will be taken by the applicant. The account applied for dictates your personal test)

Convergys PC Skills and Comprehension

Convergys Behavior Test

Covergys Typing Test

Convergys PC Comprehension

Convergys Assessment Tests