Money Making Machine : Make Your PC Print Money

money making machine

Your PC will be this much fun

Money Making Machine out Of Your PC?

No, it has nothing to do with counterfeiting legal tender. It simply has to do with lethal keyword research then creating a highly optimized landing page for it. The objective is to hit niches where the competition is very low and thereby allow you to seize first page SERPs in no time. I call the technique “Top 7 Method”

Here’s the logic behind it. People like going to the web and keying in “Top Ten Secrets of…xxx” or “Top Seven Techniques of XXX”. Using this as your base, you can find ultra focused keyphrases people really search for in the real world.

The succeeding step is to look at the resulting websites on the first page of google. If most of the pages have a pagerank of 0 to 3, then you have a winner keyphrase. You can build a single page around that keyphrase and get it ranked in less than a week.

Money Making Machine Step by Step

Just to further clarify I’ll give you an example.

1) I google ‘Top 7 Weight Loss Pills” – Which takes me to an article with 7 popular diet supplements.
2) I pick a pill on the list from list and enter it into the keyword tool of choice. I like KeywordSpy.
3)  I check keyword research on that pill and analyse competition. If it’s too competitive I’ll just move onto another keyword. Here’s what I look for:

  • keyphrases where the top ten websites do not exceed pagerank 3. This I verify with SEO Quake
  • keyphrases where the top ten websites mostly do not exceed domain authority and page authority of 30
  • keyphrases where the top ten websites have mozrank of less than 5
  • keyphrases where the top ten websites have poor link profile on majesticseo. Poor profiles have Trust Flow and Citation Flow of less than 10

4) After ascertaining the best keyphrase, I enter it into the title tag of the new post, as well as the meta, body, image alt tag and a youtube video. I publish the page and presto- that page is a money making machine that will print money. Provided it is monetized of course.

Voila! Expect ranking within a week.

This is the most effective keyword research method I know and it’s ridiculously simple. Of course  you can cheat and triple the ranking power of your site with almost illegal ranking solutions like this one. Be careful with it though. While it can make you millions, it can also lead to penalties if used improperly.

Turn your PC into a money making machine today. You deserve financial liberation.