MegatrendFX 6Nitro+: How to Win At Forex 99% of the Time

MegatrendFX 6Nitro+: How to Win At Forex 99% of the Time

Difficulty: Medium

Profit Potential: $2000 a night

Yes you read that right. $2000 a night or $60,000 a month. That’s how much you can make on the forex market. And no, I’m not bullshitting you. I’ve been trading the market  since 2006 and have developed a highly intuitive method of trading that simply destroys potential losses.

Here’s proof:

Megatrend Forex


Why I win like a Rockstar at Forex

The average trader enters the trading arena armed with maybe 10 to 30 indicators running. He hopes that these indicators (paid or free) will somehow predict future trends- whether he needs to go long or short. This poses challenges:

  • Decision paralysis. With 30 indicators staring at your face, you’ll face conflicting data. Minuscule windows of opportunity close as blinking lights throw your game.
  • Impulsiveness.  The trader sees several indicators giving the go-signal without understanding the underlying currency strength. He enters the market too late as trends reverse and the assorted indicators thereafter change signal

Does your trading screen look this scary?

forex insanity


A rocket scientist would cringe at that. I would cringe at that- notwithstanding having two doctorates and an MBA.

I like things simple. And I like minimal losses. That said, let me share my forex strategy where losses are not an option.

How to Win At Forex Like a Rockstar.

1. Low Spread Broker. First, get an account with a broker that doesn’t scam you with high spreads or insane comissions. I personally chose ExcelMarkets for that reason. The Pro Account allows a .86 spread. Feel free to choose your own, but I’d be wary of brokers levying 3 to 8 pips spread. That means even with a TP of 5pips, you make money.

2. Remove All Your Indicators. They reek. Can you seriously decide  with 12 graphs and 15 blinking on-chart lines and arrows.

3. Install the following lethal trading indicators on your Metatrader v4.0 platform:

Your  chart will look like mine:

Forex secret method


4. Megalots and Pips:  I recommend funding your forex account with at least $3000USD. When you open a position, open 1.0 or 2.0 lots. Set an immediate take profit at 10 to 15 pips. The logic behind this is that you will hit TP right away before any inadvertent reversal (say, you forgot a news report was scheduled for release). Megalots will reward you with massive profit in the short pip movement.

5. Turn off the Bar chart and Candle Chart. Let your guide be the price line.

6. Entry Signals

MegatrendFX 5Nitro+

Yes, my system is this fun

  •  Go Long: When the MegatrendFX 6Nitro+ are all green across the 1M to 1H time frames  and above 50% on the chart – you have a potential Long signal. (I love the MegatrendFX 6Nitro plus because this meter aggregates over 40 different indicators into a single percentage score. That means there’s no need to look at dozens of squiggly Stochs, MACDs and all that.)  Look at the priceline. Is it above the 50 SMA line? That’s the second requirement. Finally, check the Heiken Ashi. Is it blue? That’s it. All three signals aligned means go long. Set TP at 15 pips right away with 2.0 lots. Walk away. Come back later to healthy profit.
  • Go Short: When the MegatrendFX 6Nitro+ are all red and above 50% on the chart across the 1M to 1H time frames- you have a potential Short signal. Next, look at the price line. Is it below the 50SMA line? Finally, check the Heiken Ashi. Is it red? That’s it. All three signals aligned means go short. Set TP at 15 pips right away with 2.0 lots. Walk away. Come back later to healthy profit.

7. Machine gun the profits. Let’s assume you hit Take Profit. But you want more of the action. My recommendation is to open another similar position if the MegatrendFX 6Nitro+ continues to register above 50% in either the short or long trends. The potential for a continued sweep in the same direction is considerable. Hit that button.

8. Final tips: I like to trade at all opens, but have found it’s most profitable and predictable during the US and Euro Opens. The Asian and Australian trading sessions can be very erratic and tend to screw up technical analysis software.  Another advice is to consult a currency meter which provides additional confidence on the currency pair you trade. I recommend pairing a weak currency with a strong one.

Free Download of the 2010 Version

If you don’t have the budget for the exqusisite MegatrendFX 6Nitro+ software , you can try the full 2010 version of  that amazing system below. It’s nowhere as powerful as the 2014 version, but it still kicks the derriere of every other indicator or high priced tool out there.




PS– If you’re not into forex but binary options,  here’s a free tool released 2014 that auto trades for you to the tune of $300 wins. Per trade. Grab the beta test here.

PSS– The free beta test has only 639 licenses. If the download is no longer accessible, wait for the 2015 launch- the software will cost $500 by then.



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