Manifestation Miracle: Destiny Tuning Your Life to REAL Success

Manifestation Miracle

The Law of Attraction – you’ve certainly heard all about it before. In fact, you’ve almost certainly tried to implement it in your own life before. And, if you’re like over 95% of those who’ve tried it, you’ve failed miserably and long since given up!

Today- you demolish all your failures. Prepared for you is a 5000 word tutorial that unravels true access to the universal forces. Plus there’s more. If you don’t have time to read this entire article, we’ve prepared tools that will help you get ahead- even if you set yourself up to fail.

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Attraction- Is it Really a Law of Nature?

So how can you call it a “law” if it only works occasionally and much less than random chance? Well, that would be a valid criticism IF the law did not in fact work. However, as you go through this unique program you’re going to discover that the law has been working with 100%, mind-blowing consistency in your life all along. You see, the law is not the problem; the people trying to use it consciously in their lives are the problem (that would be people like you and me), and for a number of fascinating reasons.

Let’s watch Heather explain what the rest of this technique is like:

Fortunately, all of the obstacles that stand between you personally and using the Law of Attraction fruitfully in your life can be eliminated or bypassed with rela­tive ease.

In fact, the specific approach you’re about to learn is so ridiculously effective that it’s the people who’ve failed the most before who love it the best – perhaps because the contrast is so great!

All of us who have tried and failed in the past know what our problem is. It’s just that until now we haven’t really known what to do about it.

The principal obstacle for everyone comes down to fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs that form a “chain” of negative emotional energy. This negative emotional energy vitiates every attempt you make at manifesting the life you want.

We’ll get into the exact dynamics later, but the important thing here is that no matter how seemingly powerful that negative energy has been in your life personally, you’re about to break free – even if you don’t think you can!

That’s because this process you’re going to learn will execute the equivalent of the clas­sic military manoeuvre called “surround and bypass” on your negative emotional states. And you’re going to do it is a way that is highly scientific, very entertaining and a whole lot of fun.

Does that sound like something you would be interested in doing? I’m sure it does!

Why Most Fail To Manifest Their Dreams

Stop for a moment. Take this Mind Master quiz. Check out the results – the answers may shock you. The come back to this page and read on.

Move forward. When a person becomes aware of the theory of the Law of Attraction and starts to believe in it and test its validity, their approach is quite predictable in most cases:

They will identify some big issue in their life that needs changing and work on that right away.

And that sounds perfectly logical if you say it fast enough. However, as you’ll see later, that’s like taking your first ever martial arts lesson and then immediately challenging a Shaolin monk to a death match. Rather than using this kind of issue-based approach that we all fall into unthinkingly, the approach you will be mastering is one based on time-periods.

Each and every day, your life can easily be divided into specific time-periods that are easily identifiable in terms of the persons, events and things in them. For example, the relationships, tasks and emotional tone you’re faced with at the office are likely to be much different than what you experience at home. And even work itself is seldom a uniform experience. You may have meetings with your team or with clients, you may have some time to do focused work in your own area of specialization, you have a few breaks during the day and on it goes.

What if you could use your mind to radically modify your results in each one of those specific chunks of time? How wonderful would that be?

We call each one of these time-chunks an “interval”. And we refer to a whole day – one 24 hour period – as a “cycle”. And the whole process could be termed either “Inter­val Design” or “Cyclic Design”

Unleash reality

Lions don’t give a hoot for failure. Why should you? Moon them!

This approach to learning to use the Law of Attraction to manifest specific outcomes has some absolutely huge advantages for you:

  1. It prevents you from trying to use the Law of Attraction to immediately take on your biggest and strongest enemy – usually that part of your life that hurts the most. Since this area of your life tends to be the one with the most negative emotion surrounding it, you’re unlikely to win here just yet!
  2. Most people are very unclear on what they want in life and without a definite goal, it’s very hard to manifest anything definite at all. The beauty of this pro­cess is that you don’t have to focus on the big picture right away – i.e., you don’t need to know anything as grandiose as your “life purpose”. All you need to know is what you would like to experience in the next hour or two!
  3. This process helps you to become much more aware of your feeling state, which is the real driver for what you’re attracting into your life. Unfortunately, almost all newcomers to the Law of Attraction underestimate the impor­tance of dealing with their feeling state and emotional life in general. They fool themselves into thinking that if they just “think” about something often enough, that’s what they’ll get. Famous statements like “You become what you think about most of the time” or “Think and grow rich” tend to reinforce this misunderstanding.
  1. This process allows you to track your results and record them, so you abso­lutely KNOW how you’re doing, even if you’re “doing it wrong” and ending up with experiences you don’t want. In other words, even when you don’t seem to get what you want, you still understand why and this reinforces your belief in the Law of Attraction and, paradoxically, in your own ability to use it.

Now that you know the bare-bones outline of the method, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why your previous approaches have failed you. Once you can see this intellectually and feel it in your bones, you’ll really appreciate having an approach that blows these obstacles out of the water.

Common Traps in Using the Manifesting Process

Have you ever felt emotionally compromised in relation to some issue or  area of your life?

One friend of mine is very, very sensitive to money… or rather to the frequent lack of it in his life, even though he’s a highly qualified professional. In fact, his anxiety over money is deep enough that it’s emotionally impossible for him to talk about anything related to money without plunging headfirst into what we techni – cally refer to as “defensive physiology”.

That’s right; if we were to hook him up to the right instruments when that topic is brought up, we would see his heart rate and blood pressure go up slightly, his breathing changes and a host of other physiological markers would be altered in the direction of the “fight or flight” reaction.

All those physical reactions are just symptoms, of course. They’re symptoms of a negative emotional dynamic that may go back to some unresolved trauma or conditioning.

What this means concretely is that if this person were ever to attempt to use that Law of Attraction to alter his financial circumstances, he would be very much sabotaged even before he began. After all, if the mere thought of what he wants to change elicits a strongly negative emotional response – one centered on fear, anxiety and lack, in this case – then several things are clear:

  1. The emotional energy that his organism is vibrating and transmit­ting at that moment will simply bring him more of the same. He cannot fruitfully CREATE while in that emotional space. Or, rather, he will simply continue to create failure in that area of his life. His perceptions of reality regarding anything to do with money will be seri­ously distorted and will serve as a very poor basis for decision-making in that area of his life.
  2. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, he does not BELIEVE that he could possibly improve his situation.

Now what does this tell you about his chances of using the Law of Attraction fruitfully to change that area of his life for the better, at least for the moment?

You’re right; he might as well try to change the course of a super-tanker by using a teaspoon as a rudder!

His internal emotional controls are firmly on autopilot for the moment and their course is laid in, so his chances of success right now are slim to none.

Of course, being a highly educated person with advanced reasoning skills and a high level of self-awareness, he knows his emotions have him trapped and on the level of his conscious mind, he is desperate to change his situation.

Here’s the real problem: he is absolutely typical of most of us.

When we first try to use the Law of Attraction in our lives, we automatically begin with the area of our life that hurts the most.

What’s the catch? More often than not, the areas of your life that hurt the most are the ones surrounded by the greatest cloud of negative emotion.

In other words, they are those areas of your life – whether it’s health or relationships or finances or something else – where you are most tightly strung up.

So learn this and learn it well: do NOT start your Law of Attraction training by trying to use it to con­front your biggest challenge. As I said before, this is like taking a single martial arts lesson and then immediately challenging someone of the calibre of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa to a death match. And that match can only end one way…

Fortunately, you can in fact master the Law of Attraction, develop great faith in it, manifest incredible things with stunning regularity and exponentially improve your life within a very short period of time… and all without ever having to face your biggest challenge.

And that’s what we’re going to teach you over the next 3 weeks. So do NOT, repeat do NOT begin by trying to manifest huge change in those areas of your life that hurt the most.

Now, does this mean you’ll never use that Law of Attraction to change your results in those areas? Not at all! Of course you will! However, by the time you turn your attention to those areas directly, you’ll be more than prepared and totally confident! So just be a little patient for now – it’s REALLY worth the wait!

And all of that brings us to the next trap.

Trying to Manifest What You Want Without First Creating Internal Alignment

What is it within you that creates the results you get in life? Cast your mind back to a particular event in your life when everything seemed to go extremely well. Perhaps you won an athletic competition or maybe you were really good in one particular subject in school. Or perhaps a great idea came to you out of the blue – perhaps for a business or career, a home renovation or that special vacation – and despite some challenges, it all fell into place as if by magic.

Now, if you search your feeling state about such an event in your past, you’ll probably find that some or all of these dynamics were present:

® The idea came to you “out of the blue”.

® You felt immediately and intuitively GREAT about it.

® You loved thinking about it and, in fact, had a hard time NOT thinking about it. ® You felt confident about it.

® When you thought about the end result, you felt very positive and very relaxed, as if there were a kind of “joyous inevitability” about the realization of your dream.

® And when it came about, you may have been ecstatic, but you weren’t all that surprised.

So what is it within you that causes things to manifest in your life? When you contemplate something like that from your own past, it’s quite obvious – it’s your emotional state, your feeling state. That’s what vibrates or trans­mits most strongly into the universe. Although our scien­tific understanding of the manifestation process is still in its infancy, this dynamic has been known and talked about for millennia.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ himself hammers this point home over and over again:

“Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and never doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will be done.

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” (Matthew 21:21-22) Notice that Christ zeros in on your belief, on your faith in the process.

That is because, if you believe something with­out any doubt, you’re putting yourself in a positive emotional space. In other words, you’re congruent with what your conscious mind is asking for, you’re aligned internally. If you’re not aligned internally, if you have doubts that what you’ve asked for can happen, then you’re putting out a mixed emotional and energetic signal:

Your conscious, rational mind, that represents only a small fraction of who you are, or your psychophysical potential, is saying one thing, while your much more powerful sub­conscious mind is broadcasting (and therefore asking for) something entirely different.

To put it another way, you brain is saying one thing while your heart is saying another. And, from a scientific point of view, the energy field broadcast by your heart is in fact many, many times stronger than the energy field broadcast by your brain.

So you don’t necessarily get what you say you want. You don’t necessarily get what you “think about”. You most definitely do get what you believe in, what you expect and what your feeling state is dwelling on.

So you live in a universe that mirrors you perfectly – “Whatever a person sows, that will they also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) We usually interpret that in a moral sense – if you treat someone poorly, you’ll pay for it down the road. However, it also applies to the Law of

Attraction in that your feeling state is continually and unceasingly sowing the seeds of your future. Your feeling state, your emotional tone, is what is attracting and creating your life at every moment.

Consequently, there is nothing more important than focusing on your feeling state on a continuous basis, simply because that is what is infallibly creating your future!

Are you ready to manifest your dream life?

Today, I’m going to reveal four amazing key points to you and each one holds the power to reshape your destiny. And at the very end of this hefty tutorial, you will receive several gifts: instant downloads of energy music that will reprogram your life and psychic powers to breathtaking levels.

Together, and when you use all four of them cohesively, they have the power to change your life.

You’ll learn how to develop a greater sense of yourself, and acquire a whole new level of happiness, joy and abundance just by learning a new thought process.

Are you negative thoughts taking over your life?

If your subconscious has taken the driver’s seat of your mind lately, get ready to switch gears and gain the control back.

In other words, when you learn how to think positively – and it doesn’t stop there – you’ll learn how to program your mind to give you anything in life that you want, through a conscious and mindful mindset (with intention, gratitude and self-love), enabling you to become a magnet for the Universe to send you more of that good stuff you just don’t want to live another second without.

You’ll learn how to focus on yourself, your goals and your intentions for each and every day, and as a result, the Universe will act as a mirror for your thoughts – giving you more happiness, love and opportunity (and sometimes, even immediately after you program yourself to believe it!)

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’, everything during your day (from the people you encounter to the interactions that occur) seem to get worse and worse, as if a black cloud is floating over you and causing gloom to follow you everywhere you go?

It’s not in your head.

It actually comes from your head – your mind, and most specifically, your negative thoughts which are as real as anything else in your life.

Thoughts are real things, and if you want to increase your happiness, success, joy and the flow of money into your life, get into the ‘flow’ by finding it inside yourself first.

This essay will show you how to set your mind up for those good thoughts that bring you joy, bring you abundance and bring you the life you’ve always wanted – but have struggled with achieving.

Now, struggle no more.

Learn how to see your current reality as something you control, instead of feeling controlled by it. Learn how to set goals realistically, and with ‘attraction tools’ in which you will act as a vessel for all the abundance you can handle!

Have you ever thought about the possibility that everything you need in life, and everything you want to experience is already within you?

Learn how to effectively stop going outwards to find peace, love, success, opportunity and desire. Everything you need is within you already, and the tools to help you get there are all in this guide.

Sit back, read each word carefully and enjoy the ride! This is only the beginning of your abundant, amazing, and beautiful adventure – and it’s all for you so that your life, your happiness and your success can go from imagination to reality…in four easily attainable steps!

Control Destiny

Things not going your way? Make a face. Then jump back into battle. Seriously.

Step One – Inner World Vs. Outer World

There’s an expression that goes like this: It’s not the journey, but the destination that counts. So what are you doing about yours?

If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed each moment for what it is, and you’ve spent your time thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, it’s time to turn the negative self-talk off, and focus on living your life to your highest potential.

You may wonder just how you can do that, especially if worry and stress seem to dominate your thought process the majority of the time.

Let’s say for example that you work in a job you don’t love but that pays the bills.

You receive a paycheck every two weeks, and while you earn a steady paycheck, you’re jealous of anyone else who seems to pay their bills, and also make enough for lavish vacations, a loving family and a fancy sports car.

You want what they have.

The only problem is, you’re spending so much time thinking about what your job lacks and comparing yourself to others who are more successful than you, that you constantly set yourself back.

By focusing on what you ‘lack’, you ignore those opportunities that are right in front of you.

And in the process, you’re eliminating your happiness that could be – right in this very moment.

As a result of negative thinking, you don’t see the ability for you to use your potential with the many opportunities that are right in front of you!

You won’t live your highest purpose, focus on the things that truly give you joy in this life.

If you don’t have the right thoughts lined up in your mind to focus on, you’ll never land that ‘right’ job, or have the ‘right’ paycheck that you’ve dreamt of having.

Why not start really living in the moment now, so that you have the future you dream of having?

When you start focusing on yourself (your inner self) and stop focusing on those external materialistic things you want to have (the outer world), everything will begin to change.

It doesn’t matter if its money, love or good health that you want.

When you think of yourself as connected to the Universe instead of just feeling like you’re one of millions of people simply living in it, your perspective shifts.

When you begin to realize that you ‘attract’ not what you want, but what you are (which is a collection of your thoughts), you can empower yourself with the realization that you never have to look outwards for the answer again.


Because all along, you have it within you.

Here’s how the law of attraction works…

Manifest a Miracle

Lions bite more than they can chew- better to choke on greatness than nibble scraps


If the power of positive thinking is a new concept for you, or just something you’ve been interested in learning but never actually have, it works with the premise that everything – from the hair on top of your head to the thoughts you think of in gridlock traffic – are real things that bear weight in your life.

As you focus on ‘lack’, such as what you did wrong in a recent relationship that led to your breakup, or thoughts of worry as to how you’re going to pay your credit card off, these thoughts act as a magnet for your current reality.

And if you don’t change your inner world, or in other words, your thought process, everything in your life will stay the same.

Think of yourself as a magnet for everything you want in life. It could be the means to take your entire family to Bali once a year for a big old family reunion.

It could be that you want to live in a mansion on the beach, or feel the freedom to start up a new business (with enough startup capital to give your business time to grow before making a profit!).

It could be that you want to finally have the courage to leave your partner (who isn’t right for you) in order to find your soul mate. Or that you want a meaningful connection with your children.

As you think thoughts of gratitude, self-love, appreciation, and focus on all that you have in your life already, you send out thoughts that speak loud and clear to the Universe.

What you focus on, you’ll receive back – similar to looking at your reflection in the mirror. If you see yourself in a mirror, and you smile, a smile is reflected in your appearance, right?

And if you frown, what you see is a frown.

The law of attraction works in a similar way. Your thoughts (either positive or negative) come back to you, just as you asked for, and just as the Universe receives your message.

Begin looking within yourself for the answers. And you can do that simply by several mind tricks to get you from a pessimist to an optimist in no time at all!

Attract Abundance With an Abundant Attitude

Manifesting an increase in your income, or the ability to lose weight is 99 percent the thoughts you think, and your attitude about yourself. The rest is actionable steps to get you there and living your best life.

The first and most important step in cultivating a positive mindset is having thoughts of abundance the primary focus.

So, as negative thoughts pop into your mind, get into the habit of immediately replacing each negative one with a positive one.

If a thought comes into your mind such as, “Why makes you think you can lose weight this time? It’s never worked before!” reverse that thought to make it positive.

Think instead a thought like this: “Right now, I’m taking a small step towards weight loss, and doing what I need to in order to lose weight, feel great and change my life.”

An attitude of abundance is programming your mind to believe that the things you want are possible. In fact, there aren’t just possible, but is becoming a possibility in the ‘right here, right now’ reality you’re creating.

‘Watch’ the Film of Your Life

If your life was a movie, how would you want it to go?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, millionaires and pop culture celebrities talk about achieving success by creating it in their mind first.

If you dream of landing that promotion, for example, close your eyes and ‘program’ your mind to believe it happening, scene by scene. Imagine watching your life play out as you receive the promotion.

Imagine feeling the handshake of your boss, and hearing the words, “Congrats!” being cheered by your fellow colleagues and superiors.

Then imagine your movie going through the events of the next year. ‘Watch’ yourself moving up in your career, being accomplished, and successful – just as you need to be.

When you begin to see your life as a movie (instead of focusing on negative thoughts of fear, doubt or worry) you train your subconsci9us mind to believe something other than what you learned in childhood.

You begin to transform your self-worth beliefs, and as you improve your confidence, and focus on what you do want (as opposed to what you don’t want), the Universe will hear you loud and clear.

You’ll ‘attract’ those very things you ‘saw’ in your life movie, and just like magic, they will become your reality.

Create Miracles Fast

Moving out the comfort zone makes you feel foolish. But you get the meat first

Write Down Your Goals (As If You Have Already Achieved Them)

This is an amazing trick to help speed up your mind’s ‘attraction’ factor, and will give you the results you want almost immediately!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all it takes to manifest change in their life is simply thinking a good thought or two.

But what happens most of the time is that they think about something they want, and those deep rooted fears seep up from the surface of their being, and they go back to square one.

They don’t continue to see results. They manifest what they always have, which is just a reflection of their negative thoughts.

Whatever it is you dream of having – a bigger house, time to yourself to reflect and meditate, a committed, loving partner, or the ability to know what your true life calling is and go for it, a list of your goals can make all the difference in achieving them – in manifesting them to appear before your very eyes.

Most people think that all it takes is writing down a few goals, but how many times have you written out your weekly or yearly goals, only never to glance at it again?

Program your mind to believe in those things you want by writing them down as if they have already come true.

Here’s a little trick about the law of attraction that most people don’t know…

While it’s good to write goals down, such as “I would like to take a vacation to Italy this year,” what you’re really doing is sending out a statement of the future – something you would like to accomplish in the future.

As far as the rules of the Universe go, when you focus on statements of the future, it will always stay in the future.

So, to speed up your success rate and attract the right things to you quickly, you need to write goals down as if they have already happened.

Focus on statements such as “I am grateful for the vacation to Italy I’m taking this year, and the means to be able to enjoy a peaceful trip with my family…”

This lets the Universe know you are ready, open and receptive to it, and by doing so, you’ll act as a channel for it to manifest in your life without hesitation!

Step Two – Recreate Your Current Reality With Positivity Lenses!

Have you ever looked at a person differently, such as a friend or significant other after they betrayed you and their appearance seemed to change before your very eyes?

Whereas once they were attractive, beautiful, and almost ‘shined’ in your presence at the beginning of the relationship, they now looked murky, grey, and dull in appearance after betraying you.. That’s what something as powerful as dishonesty can do to a relationship.

And that’s how the power of attraction can affect your life.

When you look at yourself in a pessimistic light, and think about the things you haven’t accomplished, or worry about what tomorrow, or the next day will bring, life doesn’t seem to sparkle.

The colors of your life become a dreary grey and probably feel heavy (as if the whole weight of the world’s problems is on your shoulders.)

But just imagine how light, carefree and happy you could be if you had the ability to put on a different pair of shades, step back and see the world – your world – in a whole new way!

Consider putting on ‘positivity glasses’ as your golden ticket to seeing the world differently, and yourself in a whole new light.

As you do, you’ll begin to breathe easier, find your soul mate, live in balance, and open up the door to opportunity (which is around every corner!)

When you’re able to reverse negative thoughts into positive ones and look at ‘problems’ as opportunities for something bigger and better to come along, your entire reality changes, and your perspective expands, allowing you to receive prosperity, love and adventure to come in.

Take away feelings of procrastination, addiction, fear, loneliness and even self­doubt by seeing life with positivity lenses, and literally shifting your reality as you know it.

Do you find yourself needing a different pair of shades, due to a stagnet daily routine, a love life that is lacking the passion it once had, or a dead-end career?

Luckily, the way life works goes like this – Inside of every ‘bad’ situation, there is the opportunity to learn, grow and become a stronger version of yourself.

There is always the opportunity to change what’s no longer working, and adjust your life to meet your needs.

And it’s all based on how you look at it.

That’s great news for anyone who feels as if life has steered them off course, because let’s face it, those unforeseen circumstances life throws our way isn’t always into a field of flowers.

Sometimes the road ahead looks pretty bleak, and the ‘problems’ seem impossible to conquer.

The silver lining is this – put on new lenses and see your reality as everything you want, need and require it to be….

…from this point forward.

Destiny tuning

Even if you’re a donkey- you can beat a TRex with the right attitude

Go With Gratitude

You may have heard this a million times already, but there’s reason for it.

Gratitude, and the art of being appreciative for what you have, is the direct road (not the mention the fastest road) to happiness.

It’s the truth, and it works every time.

For example, if your significant other recently broke up with you, and you can’t possibly make sense of the breakup (after all, the two of you were meant to be life partners and soul mates!) stand back, breathe and let a fresh new perspective in.

Focus on your quiet, all-knowing mind to give you the answers.

While it may be tempting to go over and over again the events of each moment in your relationship that could have possibly lead to the breakup, resist this type of mindless negative internal chatter.

It will only drive you crazy, and won’t solve a thing.

Resist the urge to obsessively talk about your ex with your friends, and family. Their opinions of you, and your ex, and the breakup will only add fuel to the fire.

Why not look at this situation in a whole new light, with a whole new set of brand new ways of thinking?

For example, if you focus on a different aspect of change that a breakup can and will lead to, which is the ability to have time just for yourself to do the things you love to do (which your partner never willingly did with you), to set goals, and to most importantly, look at this breakup not as something that is ‘breaking up’ your life as you know it, but a new beginning of change and exciting adventure, your reality will begin to shift.

Your opportunity for new love will open up.

You’ll see yourself creating a whole new chapter in life, and one that was never possible had the breakup not occurred.

The law of attraction is always in motion, whether you are conscious or it or not.

It doesn’t stop, and it doesn’t wait around for you to perk up, get happy and manifest good things in your life.

So, if you focus on what you lack (I don’t have a relationship, I don’t have my dream job, etc.) you’re sending out a thought that you want to continue that cycle.

Why torture yourself any longer?

First and foremost, you deserve to be happy, and since that happiness can only come from a content state of mind, a positive outlook and the ability to control your internal dialogue, why not make this moment the best it possibly can be, so that more happy moments can continue?

Get it the flow with a gratitude journal, and open yourself up for some serious abundance!

The Gratitude Journal

Negativity is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus on it.

With the good, there can be bad.

When even the best relationship or most ideal job situation, there is always a drawback, always a con to the pro, and always a bit of imperfection – should you insist on focusing on that.

So don’t. Look for the good.

See the sunny side of the street, and allow yourself to be a ‘realistic optimist’ with each and every day, and each and every situation you encounter.

When you’re a realistic optimist, you don’t spiral out of control with negative thoughts, and you don’t allow yourself to be plagued, depressed and otherwise overwhelmed with a ‘glass is half empty’ mindset.

For you, you control the driver’s seat – you turn left or right depending on what you need, and remember that even on the rainiest of days, the sun will come out.


Because at some point, it always does.

There’s good in everything which means that as a realistic optimist, you’re on the lookout for it.

To enhance your ability to see the good in every situation, and to make yourself open and receptive – energetically, physically and emotionally – for more happiness, love and abundance, spend five minutes a day writing in a gratitude journal.

It works every time, and it can make a profound impact on your life.

Spend five minutes in the evening, and five minutes first thing in the morning writing down a list of people, places, and things you are grateful for. It can be big things, small things and everything in between, just as long as its honest, heartfelt and genuine.

Make a list of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers that affect you positively.

Write down talents you have, your paycheck, the roof above your head and even give thanks for the garbage man, and the barista that makes you that tasty latte you depend on every morning.

Here’s a tip – when you focus on not just simply writing down each thing you’re grateful for, but focus on the emotions connected to each thing (feelings of happiness, comfort, unconditional love, etc.) those thoughts become like waves of ‘attraction’ to the Universe, and surrounding your life.

So, a gratitude journal won’t just improve your happiness while you focus on each thing in your life you appreciate, respect, love and give thanks to. It won’t just immediately pep you up, energize and improve your mood.

It will allow you to manifest new objects of desire that you want in your life – a brand new car you’ve been admiring, your dream job, good health, the ability to overcome addiction, or master your weight loss – as if you’ve had the ability to accomplish these things all along.

It’s each particular sensation, feeling and emotion that acts as an ocean wave that the Universe picks up on, and sends right back to you.

So, every time you write in your gratitude journal, give thanks and focus on the love you have for your life, your body, your relationships and your health, you’re allowing yourself a new chance to cultivate a positive mindset, which creates the ability to cultivate a positive life.

As you focus on all that you’re grateful for, and create a new way of thinking as a ‘realistic optimist’, those waves of adversity that come rolling in won’t overpower you, frighten you, or overwhelm you.

Instead, you’ll be able to ride those waves with ease, and a sense of adventure – all because you’re grateful of the opportunity, you see the good in the ride, and you’ll willing to take a chance that your happiness will improve because of it.

Step Three – Become an Actionable ‘Go-Getter!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that all they have to do to radically change their love life, or become a millionaire is think good thoughts, spend time writing in a gratitude journal, and then just sit back and wait for the good to come into their life.

Instead, think of it like this – if the law of attraction is the doorway to a truly abundant life, you’re the one that has to walk through it.

In other words, when you want to receive money, love, health, and a sense of freedom and happiness that you crave, it’s up to you to take the final steps there.

‘Attraction’ is a crucial piece of the puzzle, but it’s up to you to ultimately make things happen, and while it starts with positive thoughts, it ends with actionable steps.

Got goals?

If you don’t and you expect for your dream life to knock on your front door, it’s important to know that the Universe doesn’t work this way.

Abundance isn’t something that just shows up randomly.

It’s a culmination of positive thoughts, goal setting and focusing intently on your dream life – as if it’s worth every sacrifice in the world.

It’s as if you’re worth it.

So, if you want to maximize your effectiveness to bring prosperity to you, focus on goal setting as your means to accomplishing it.

Forget about negative nay-saying, such as what you haven’t been able to do in the past. Let go of your ego, and say yes to right here and right now.

Redirect your energy to what you now have the opportunity to accomplish, instead of being fearful of what you won’t, or can’t, or might not.

In other words, there are a million ways to look at each thing, but if you want results and to forge forward and live your happiest life possible, focus on what IS possible.

After you do, everything you want and need will show up (and without any room for negative, old patterns of living that no longer serve your best interest.)

Become a Persistent List Maker

When your life could potentially go in so many directions, wouldn’t it be smart to be as specific as possible with what you want so that you can use all of your energy to make it come true?

Here’s a little secret about living an abundant life: As you know, the Universe picks up on your thoughts, be it good or bad.

However, what you may not know is that when you send mixed messages about what you want (such as by not being clear about your intentions, or being ‘wishy- washy’ about your goals) you won’t attract those things to you.

The Universe won’t hear you loud and clear, and you’ll end up recreating the same results you’ve always gotten. When this happens – and it happens to many of us who want to manifest our dream life – we think we’re doing something wrong.

We may be battling with positive and negative thoughts (instead of just focusing on what we want) due to deep rooted feelings of lack or unworthiness we learned as children.

To focus on what you do want so that there is no room for error, or sending ‘mixed messages’ to the Universe, focus on setting clear and concise goals for yourself.

Get rid of words like “maybe”, “kind of”, “I think”, or “in the future”.

Act as if the future is right here and now, and that everything that will come to you is coming to you right now. Forget tomorrow, but instead act as if your goals are taking place and being accomplished right now.

Just as you do for a gratitude journal, you’ll want to write out the goals in your list in present tense.

So instead of writing out something like, “I want the opportunity to open up my own business by the end of the year,” write out something more specific and present tense focused such as, “Everything I need to open up my business is happening right now, and I have the ability to exceed my expectations.”

The clearer you are in your intentions, the easier it is for the Universe to grant you what you want most.

And what you want most is really about where you direct your energy.

Begin to take one goal at a time, and write each one down.

Some people think that when you are too specific with goal setting, it can actually limit you from receiving it, but the way manifestation works, that can’t be farther from the truth.

When you set goals you have to be specific, otherwise your energy (which are thoughts) can’t be recognized and sent back to you as you asked for.

So, be specific about what you want by focusing on the feeling associated with each goal you have. Your job is to ask for what you want without setting timelines or deadlines, and then let go.

For example, you don’t want to be exact about when you want your goals to happen, or how you want them to happen.

If your goal is to meet someone you can spend the rest of your life with, your goal shouldn’t be someone with blond hair, blue eyes, 6’2″ and who has never been married before.

Your goal should focus on meeting a life partner with the same values as you, who has a great sense of humor, and who is emotionally ready for a lifelong commitment.

The Universe will take care of the who, what and when.

In other words, be clear about what you ask for, and trust that the Universe will take care of everything else. It will, and it does, when you focus on positive goal setting, and insist on focusing on opportunity, not limitations that appear in your life.

Destiny Manifestation

There’s no such thing as too small. Grow some balls!

Set ‘Optimistically Realistic’ Goals

When you set realistic goals for yourself and focus on the sensations of those goals, the feelings of what you focus on expand, and become a limitless opportunity for you to receive it.

When you want to manifest abundance, happiness and love into your life, it always begins with the right mindset, and following that, are the actionable steps you need to take.

As you spend time focusing on the goals you want to achieve, opportunities to show yourself off to the world, and the means to start creating change in your current reality, you’ll receive more of the same!

Set a realistic timeline to accomplish your goal. If you want to pursue a career doing what you’re passionate about instead of working for a company you don’t care for, set milestones. In two weeks’ time, will you network, and fine tune your resume? What goal can you set in one month’s time?

When it comes to mindful goal setting, you need to stay consistently focused on not just the end result, but each mini goal you accomplish along the way.

When you do, you’ll not only send a clear message out to the Universe about what you are striving for, but you’ll continue to send a crystal clear message to yourself, that you deserve this goal, you’re worth it, and you won’t accept anything less.

Use Your Intuitive Insight Along the Way

Within the powerful law of attraction and the art of manifesting, there’s another rule to achieving your ideal life, and it goes like this – everything you want, need or desire, is already within you.

You already hold all the answers.

Some people call it intuition, your ‘gut’ response, or an all-knowing that resides within your true self, or core being, but it all amounts to the same thing – beneath your fears, doubts, self-loathing, procrastination and self-worth insecurities lies the truth.

And the truth is this…

…Everything you want, you hold the cards to achieving.

If you want that loving, commitment relationship with a true soul mate, it’s yours.

If you want to be a better salesman whom your boss recognizes monthly for your amazing work, it’s all in your hands. If you want to be a best-selling author, great!

You already have the power to attain it.

And you hold that power because your thoughts are energy, and when used correctly, limitation (career, money, health, love, freedom) doesn’t exist.

Are you not living the life you want because of fear of the unknown?

Start listening to your intuition or ‘gut’ feelings in order to live your highest purpose, and maximize your manifestation power to the fullest!

Everything in your community, your world and the Universe is for the taking, but the problem is, most of us are too scared, timid, and judgmental to take it.

We sit back, stay in our comfort zone and hesitate because we really don’t know another way.

It could be that you were taught we have to struggle before making tons of money, or that your true soul mate can only appear in your life after tough lessons of love have been played out.

If you think about it, you’re meant to be happy, right?

So why the need to struggle time and time again before you can have the life you were really meant to live?

When asking yourself what you really want and really need to be happy, focus on the feelings of your body.

Ask yourself a question, and concentrate on your body. Do you feel tense, or peaceful? Do you feel squeamish, or balanced?

Are you in discomfort or pain free?

There’s no better source of information than you intuition, so use it to your full advantage! Get away from an intellectual way of thinking when it comes to attracting a better, more fulfilling life for yourself.

Instead, get out of the head and get into the most powerful source of knowledge you have – your intuitive insight, which will never steer you wrong, and remember these three things….

….there is no such thing as failure (so stopping treating every ‘misstep’ as one, but instead look at it as an opportunity for something better – and act accordingly)..

..everything you need to accomplish is in your control..

..you control your body, your attitude, and most importantly, your thoughts (with no one to blame for your unfortunate life circumstance, so stop making it out that you’re the victim!)

When you continue to focus on your inner world instead of looking outwards for the answers, everything in your life will begin to shift, and actually work FOR you, instead of against you.

Money will come in, from multiple and even unexpected sources of income. Love will take the place of unhealthy relationships, and you’ll feel that you drive this car so to speak, and no longer than you are simply ‘along for the ride’.

So climb on in, and enjoy every moment of it!

And when you take the time to learn to trust it, it can help lead you to a life of limitless abundance!

Step Four – Tools for Transformative Abundance

Mastering your own mind so that you can shift your reality into a better one is all about releasing a prosperity mindset into the Universe.

When you do, you can more easily receive prosperity in your paycheck, in your marriage, in your children, with your parents, your health and your future.

It’s about seeing in your mind the happiness you want for yourself, and paying it forward to the Universe with a smile, letting all of the good you deserve to be handed to you with your arms opened up wide.

Everything in your life is an opportunity to create more love, opportunity, and success in your life. So if you’re not doing something about it in a constructive, optimistically charged way, you’re not doing anything to change it.

And when you don’t do anything in a positive way (such as sending out positive thoughts), you’re not coming from a place of love, but fear. The Universe responds to thoughts of fear fast and furiously.

Afraid of your credit card bill that comes to you every month?

Then expect even more financial lack in your life to occur.

Dreading going to work every Monday morning?

Then you most likely have a hard day at work come Monday, with events throughout your day that never seem to go right.

Instead, why not try to relax, enjoy the ride and project feelings of happiness, joy, and appreciation for the fact that you have a job at all?

Every single time that you send out positive feelings, such as calmness, peace, balance, tranquility, happiness, joy, and contentment for what you have and are experiencing in life, the Universe goes, “Aha! Great. We’ll shoot you some more to enjoy.”

Have you ever been frustrated by your ‘knack’ for killing plants, no matter how much attention you spend watering them and giving them adequate sunlight?

Chances are that your home environment that your plants live in, all the way to the thoughts you think about killing plants have something to do with their outcome. If you play negative, loud death metal music, for example, you can affect their health.

There was actually a study done on plants where heavy metal music at a loud volume was played once a day.

By day 3, the ferns began to wilt, as if the music of Ozzie Osborne and Alice in Chains was actually the culprit for the demise of the plants health.

From plants to the prosperity in your life, everything works off of a certain energetic vibration. So heighten yours through positive thinking, intention and goal setting, and you’ll reach success that is beyond your wildest dreams!

When it comes to changing your inner world so that you can open yourself up for a prosperity mindset, it’s all about the set-up process.

It’s about tweaking your mind to believe what you want to achieve, using your imagination to the best of your ability, and focusing on the end result as though it’s already been attained.

And there’s no one more capable than you to make these dreams of yours come true.

Here are some tried and true tools you can use to put yourself on the fast track to manifestation success. Personalize them, focus on them and repeat daily.

The Power of Visualizations

Without your computer’s software, it can’t run. It can’t process anything. It can’t allow you to Skype your friends, type up an essay on Word, or create spreadsheets for your boss.

The same is true for visualizations. If you don’t use your imagination (which is an important aspect of manifesting abundance in your life) you can’t attract prosperity, just as you can’t use a computer effectively if you don’t have the right software.

Creative visualizations are key to attracting what you desire, from that dream house on the coast of Maine to immaculate health. Change your outer world by first going within, all through the power of your imagination!

law of manifestation

Flood yourself with gratitude. Crankly buffons never get some.

Everything is Energy Exercise

Begin learning all about the power of your energy, by trying this simple exercise. Stand with your hands out palm to palm. Now, rub them together quickly (as though you’re warming them up).

Once you begin to feel the heat between your hands, let go and place them facing one another still, about a few inches away from one another.

Concentrate on the energy (you may feel heat) in the space between your hands. It may be feel dense, and as though there is something between your hands altogether.

This exercise is great for beginners who want to realize what energy they are truly made of, and to use it for the greater good in their life.

Now, with your hands just a few inches apart, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

As your hands are out in front of you (still a few inches apart), imagine a golden light, or string that is connected to your heart and going straight through your body, from the top of your head to the tip of your fingers.

Imagine this string of golden light acting like fireworks, sparking a light in between your hands. What you’ll begin to notice (after a few times practicing this) is that your energy will improve, and increase with intensity.

And as you learn about the energy you hold, you’ll begin to use it positively, in order to reach each and every dream you have in this life!

The Empty Box

The empty box visualization is a great one to use when you dump off the heavy ‘negativity debris’ from your life.

‘Negativity debris’ is all the emotional toxins you pick up from people around you, whether you realize it or not.

While you go from home to work, and talk (even witness) others interactions, there’s good energy and bad energy all around you, and all the time.

In order to manifest a high energy level, getting that job you dream of having, and even improving the passion in your marriage, you want your energy to be as positive as possible. So use the ‘Empty Box’ visualization as a tool for doing that.

As with any visualization exercise, you’ll want to close your eyes, breathe in deeply and use your imagination to the fullest degree!

Sit down in a quiet room of your house, and close your eyes.

Imagine that your room is a peaceful meadow, and that all around you, nature invites you to be in its presence – from the birds chirping, to the great big Redwood trees that surround you.

And as you enjoy the sunlight beaming down on your back , and feel the slight wind move past your body, you see a wooden box appear.

It looks like it was carved out of the redwood trees that surround you, and you know it holds something very special inside.

However, when you open it up, there is nothing there.

Breathe in, and breathe out using your abdominal muscles (not your chest) for breathing correctly.

As you open this beautifully carved empty box, you realize that it is meant for you, and to be used for anything you need to rid yourself of.

So one by one, visualize yourself picking up the ‘negative debris’ from your back, your shoulders, and your neck (where many of us hold our stress) and begin to place it into the box.

It could be the stress you feel about your looming deadline. It could be the pressure you put on yourself to fulfill the many roles in life you have, from mother to career professional to domestic housewife!

It could be stress you have about financial troubles, or relationship challenges.

Everything that is bearing some emotional weight into your life, place it one by one into this box. This is what it’s here for, to lessen your load so that you can have more room in your life for what truly makes you happy.

Imagine the sensation of lightening up your shoulders, neck and back so that virtually no physical or emotional pain remains.

Now, when your box is full, close it (and focus on imagining the sensation of closing this box – that’s key!)

All of a sudden, you look down and notice a lock by your feet. Take this lock, and lock up your box. Throw the key away, and place the box by the tallest redwood tree you can find.

Thank the box for giving you the relief you need to spend your energy on the things that really matter, and visualize yourself ‘walking’ away from the stress, worry and negativity those things contained in the box, once brought you.

Create Destiny

Unleash your vulnerability. You will draw supporters

Awesome Affirmations That Make an Impact!

Affirmations are a simple but hugely effective way of weeding out negative and self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive ones that will serve you well.

They are useful for reprogramming your mind to take on new and empowering beliefs, and they work whether you believe the affirmation you are saying or not.

In essence you are brainwashing yourself to take on these new beliefs, whether you consciously believe them or not.

If you repeat any phrase out loud often enough, your subconscious will believe it.

I highly recommend that any belief you wish to take on in your life, that you repeat it out loud, over and over at least for 5 minutes straight, and you do this every day for at least 60 days. Make it 90 days if it’s a particularly bad negative belief that you are replacing.

They can be as simple as “I treat my body with respect, and love fueling it with nutritious food,” or “I am a great catch”, or “I’m the kind of person who finds it easy to make money”, “I am continuously rewarded for my talent and hard work ethic from my colleagues and boss. I am generously compensated for the work I do.”

So why are affirmations such a powerful tool for changing your inner world?

You can change your outer world if you were already in the habit of thinking positively.

The problem is, most people are used to dealing with so much negativity in their lives (from the latest terrorist bombing on the news, to gossipy co-workers in the next cubicle over from yours) that an automatic positive train of thought is difficult to master.

Or, at least without a useful tool like affirmations, it can be.

Do you want to heal your body from disease? Do you want enough energy to keep up with your busy toddler? Do you want to sell a pitch to your highest paying client that they’ll love you for?

Program yourself to believe it’s already coming true with affirmations. It works, and when you focus on the emotion associated with your positive statement (such as joy, excitement, passion, or love) you’ll speed up the manifestation of whatever you want to attract.

Here are some that work amazingly well, and when you practice these daily, you’ll begin to notice a change in your body, mind, and overall attitude about yourself:

-I love the process, and I trust the process.

-Each week I lose weight, and each week, I feel better, stronger, and more confident about myself!

-I choose to love myself morning, noon and night. As I do, I notice the openness in my heart that allows money, love, and excellent health to flow in.

-I express my needs clearly, and as I do, I find that people open themselves up to me lovingly and honestly.

-As I pay each bill, I give thanks that I have love in my life to take care of all of my needs. And every time I feel this love that surrounds me, I open myself to prosperity, for numerous channels to take affect and bring me more good that I even need.

-Every single cell in my body is in perfect health. I respect my body, and fuel it with love, respect and kindness.

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Reward yourself. Workaholicsm is a mere part of the equation. Success demands celebration

Vision Boards to Cultivate Change

Don’t just talk, think or visualize that summer house on the beach you want, or the ‘soul mate’ you want to spend the rest of your life with – create a vision board to help you get there!

Vision boards are easy to do, and one of the most important tools to manifest your ideal life.

It works like this – Visually change your thoughts by cutting out pictures, images and photographs of that ‘thing’ you want to attract, and post it on your wall, your bedroom mirror, or anywhere else you’ll be forced to look at it multiple times a day.

Let’s say that you want to start a jewelry making business, but you’re too fearful at this point to leave your current job in order to do what you really love to do (and live for) – making glass blown, wearable pieces of art.

The fact is, you have a skill that no one else in the world has, in the exact way that you have it. You are tuned into what looks good on people, and you have an artistic knack for developing rare, one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings and braclets.

But how can you possibly make a living doing what you love?

Remember, it’s not your job to dictate to the Universe the ‘who, what and where’ of the thing you want to attract.

Your job is to program your mind to believe it’s already come true, and the Universe will take care of the tiny details.

So, start by creating a vision board that is full of photos of your jewelry, or photos of the jewelry you want to create.

Look through magazines, focusing on success stories of others who just like you, were once a hesitant beginner entrepreneur, but who had the courage to leave their day job, and create successful businesses.

Print out or write inspirational quotes from those people who motivate you, and pin up anything on your vision board that symbolizes success, courage, inspiration, goal setting, positivity, and ‘anything is possible’.

Post up your vision board (which can be tapped directly on a mirror, or pinned on a bulletin board) in your kitchen, bathroom or living room – anywhere really, just as long as you will be reminded to look at it daily.

Vision boards are so tremendously effective because they act as a screen shot of your life. It’s not about the future, or simply daydreaming about what you want to happen eventually in your life.

Act wishy-washy about your goals, and they’ll never come into fruition.

Pin up what you just aren’t determined to achieve, but that you are determined to achieve right now in the this moment, and by creating visuals which you’ll focus on every single day, you can train your mind to believe it’s already a reality.

When it comes to redefining your inner world, sometimes a vision board is all it takes.

Other times a vision board is a great start, but needs to be paired up with visualizations, affirmations and the act of practicing gratitude in a journal.

Don’t even focus on how much change needs to take place in your thought process, or how long all of this is going to take.

That’s not the point.

Manifest Destiny

A good butt scratch can get you going

The point is to enjoy the process, and to enjoy each and every moment for what it is.

If you’re not happy, you have total and complete control to change it, because you have total and complete control over your thoughts.

Your ultimate life is out there, and is just waiting to be claimed.

You can ‘fix what’s broke’ by transforming negative thoughts into positive ones.

You can actually turn bad luck into amazing, too-good-to-be-true luck. You can even take each little thing that’s not working IN your life, and make it work for YOUR life.

And it all starts within.

Achieve your ultimate life – a mind blowing, over the top, and high stakes life that will blow your dreams out of the water, and it all starts here.

It all starts with these four vital key points to making your inner world the best darn thing to get you the happiness, joy, satisfaction and adventure for the love life, work life, and fearless life you’ve been hoping for.

Oh, and one more thing… you didn’t just randomly stumble upon this book. You ‘attracted’ it to you, just like everything else in your life.

So take it for all its worth, and take it seriously.

When you practice these four points as mentioned in this report, you’ll take your energy, your attraction factor, and your happiness to a whole new level.

Are you ready to manifest the life you deserve? Get down to work.

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