How to Make Money in the PayDay Loans Industry

Need Easy Money? All you Need is a Strong  PayDay Loans Website

Check out the figures here. The payday loan industry is booming and chances are 3 out of 10 of your neighbors have a pay day loan. While this is deplorable for society as a whole- there’s a windfall for enterprising marketers like yourself.
Here’s whyPAYDAY LOAN OFFERS PAY YOU $10- $30 per lead.
The number of pay day loan applicants is steadily growing and you will see why.
You can be from any country for it to work. Just ability to get into CPA networks is all you need.
To start your empire:
  1. First, procure a strong website that ranks well in the Payday Loans market. One of our sites Aksharagro.com (pagerank4) has seized all the vital key phrases related to payday loans.
  2. Sign up at 007CPA.com , Peerfly.com and Neverblue.com  These are where the high paying Payday loan offers may be found.
  3. Input the ads directly into your strong website.
To Accelerate the Earnings
Contact UK/US pawn shops and offer them a deal where they will hand out fliers with your website on it that redirects people to payday loan/cash advance offer. 
Those offers pay anywhere $25 to $80 for qualified lead.  Pawn shop guys get 25% of commission as incentive
More detailed version: 
Here’s why it works like gangbusters
  1. People who visit pawn shops need money fast. Very fast. If they do not need money urgently they would not take out loans and as collateral they offer phones, computers, tv’s, cars etc.
  2. Pawn shop can only give them a certain amount of money. So if the phone is worth $200, pawn shop will offer them about $100 to $150.
  3. Most of the time this is not enough for people and they are desperate for more.
  4. Once the loan has been given them the pawn shop worker tells them to visit a certain company website that they have affiliation with for a cash advance loan. And they will be given a flyer.
  5. Person goes online, applies and I get commission of $80.
So keep in mind that you would call those pawn shop owners up. Also, try the bazaars where small time financiers offer $200 loans.
Offer these contacts a a certain amount for every customer they bring. Do not tell them its only 25% or how much you are getting.
Tracking: set up a domain and for each pawn shop have a subdomain that redirects people through their specific subid to the offer. 
That way you know when to pay and who to pay. 
More pawn shops you recruit more you earn. I started out with $300 per month with one pawn shop. Slowly but surely it grew. In 3 months of doing this a single site made a  constant $12k+
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Make Money From Payday Loans