How to Make Money Online with Youtube and 9Gag.com

Make Money With Youtube and 9Gag.com In Just One Day!

Earning Potential: $5000 a month

You may not have realized it but Youtube videos can make you a lot of money. The trick is to have a video that garners 2k to 1Million views. At this level of virality, anything you promote on the link below that video gets seen by hordes of people. That brings commissions. You get rich.

For reference look at this photo:


make money with youtube


This video was seen 300,000 times. That’s a lot of views. Naturally, the author easily generated revenue from the link below that video (highlighted in yellow). Even if 1% of the 300k viewers converted from that view count, a pile of revenue was made.

In the world of the internet, traffic means money. The more visitors you have, the richer you become!

How do you replicate this? Easy. Follow the steps:

First, create an account at Peerfly, Neverblue or any of the top performing CPA Networks. Click here for the 2014 List . Don’t know what CPA is and why you should sign up?  If you want to get rich, you  should research google and find out.

Second, browse products from the aforementioned networks. Grab products which have a conversion rate of 50% onwards. You want surefire money earners. List the links and save it in your notepad.

Third, record some HD videos. Make sure it lasts at least 2 minutes long and has a hot girl in it. The video should discuss the benefits of the product you’re promoting and the speaker should direct the viewer to check the links below the video to benefit from said offer. Upload these to your account.

Now we come to the fun part: getting your youtube videos viral. You want videos with 2Million views. Like this one:

There are several ways to go viral. The usual route is with paid advertising. Unfortunately that costs money. However, you can reach 2Million views on youtube and make a pile of money by using the 9Gag.com method. It’s simple, and lethal- expect thousands of views in a day. With a conversion rate of 1%- you can start counting those golden eggs.

So let’s proceed.

Fourth, log on the 9Gag.com. Create an account.


make money with 9Gag


Upload up to 5 funny images to this site. The intention is to create a bit of a reputation. Wait half a day to get shares and likes to your photos (you’ll get a lot as this site commands heavy traffic.)

Fifth, go viral! From within 9Gag, upload the video URL of your youtube video (that has your affiliate links from the CPA networks) . Make sure all options are selected as follows:

make cash with 9gag and Youtube


It is vital to make the title very interesting. Titles like “She walked in and what she saw on the refrigerator wet her pants.”  invite eyeballs. Consult HuffingtonPost.com or SFGlobe.com for great headlines.

All you have to do is upload one funny entry like this per day to have your videos skyrocket. The more views it gets, the higher on the search engines it appears. This is the easiest marketing ever deployed by renegade SEOs.

Sounds like too much work?  Then shut off the computer and go back to your dayjob making $30 per hour.

However if you’re challenged, go for it. This method can transform your life provided you spend 20 minutes a day setting up your funny images. And uploading your videos.

Cheat Hack: Maybe you’d like an easier way to implement all this. Guess what? There is one- and it costs nothing. If you got 5 minutes to explore this hack, check the money making method with 9Gag and youtube here.




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