How to Make Money Online From Home

how to make money from home

How would you like to be as happy as this cow? Read on.

How to Make Money Online From Home

How’s today’s salary look like? Ho-hum?

If your pulse isn’t racing then it’s time to ditch that dry job and take financial destiny into your own hands. The following steps reveal tactics to create a replicable system that can replace five of your day jobs. Yes. You read that right. Five. If you’re making anything less than $10,000 a month, then now’s the time to take Einstein’s advice: if it ain’t working, do something totally different.

1. First, if you plan to make money online from home, you have to ensure that the endeavor will be a passion. There’s no point generating wealth from a self-imposed job which isn’t fun. You begin your tycoon-hood properly:

  • List down your passions. Choose twenty.
  • Visit the Google Keyword Planner to see if there’s  a demand for your passion. Let’s say your passion is “terrorist activity”. Input that phrase into the planner and Google spits out the number of times the phrase was searched. Hence we have:


make money from home

  • Apparently we have 6000 searches per month on the subject. Even better: competition is low. Hence that makes your niche a viable one.  In fact, if your passion consists of  a buying keyphrase that commands at least 3000 searches per month, you’re smart to monetize the passion.
  • Drill down the rest of your passions. If these passions generate keyphrases with 3000 to 100,000 searches per month, then you have a concept that that may materialize into a marketable offering.

2. The next step is to uncover that product or service allied to the selected passion. If you felt that “terrorist activity” can make you money, you can sell gatling guns, AK47s, bomb timers and perhaps posters of Osama Bin Laden. Now the hard question: where do you get inventory for cheap? Easy:

  • The secret is Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com. These two megasites running out of China supply half the products found on eBay and every other online auction house. You think you got a good deal buying Underarmour from eBay for $40? Think again. The vendor picked up his wares from Alibaba for $9. Now that’s a whopping spread of profit. Here’s the trick: buy posters of Osama Bin Laden for $1 at Alibaba. Then sell it to your local drive-by shooters for $50.
  • Doing business with Alibaba is pocket-friendly. The average supplier will require you to spend heavily on inventory. Alibaba.com won’t. In fact, you can discuss with the Alibaba merchants your financial concerns and most of them will let you make purchases JIT. What that means is, you can sell products on your site with zero inventory. Simply take orders, contact the merchant, send the cost of goods and you pocket the profit while the merchant ships to your client. Absolutely no cash it. It’s a killer way to make money online from home.

3. Build a powerhouse website. The average bloke will apply the alibaba method only on auction sites like eBay. That’s fine, but ultimately you want a brand all your own. Ebay merchants make a lot of money but they don’t have the same prestige and staying power of a dotcom entrepreneur. Here are the best practices:

  • Use wordpress as the underlying platform. WordPress is ultimately customizable. It’s also scalable. You can go whole hog and sell 10 Million products on a single wordpress-based site.
  • Keep the site sticky. That means, don’t just sell stuff. Populate your site with infographics, funny videos and helpful PDFs. People will appreciate your content and share you on social media. That’s powerful free marketing!
  • Avoid PPC and other paid ads at the onset. Operate on a shoestring budget otherwise you may go bankrupt before seeing a dime.

This man teaches you real success:

4. Create roaring site visibility. That mean optimize your site for the search engines so that content you make IS FOUND. If your site is weak, people won’t know youhow to make money from home exist- even if you have the cure for AIDS, twerking or SARS. Now a lot of naive marketers out there will tell you that  good SEO consists solely of strong on-page content which is essentially spamming your marketing material with a certain density of keyphrases.  Other snakeoil marketers will tell you to build mass blog farms and throw millions of inbound links from these trashy hovels. Neither work. You will never achieve visibility and not a single product will sell. Here’s how to create a real titan of a  site:

  • Leverage the power of social media. Google looks at social signals and assumes that when people buzz about your content, you must be credible. You can steal a lot of shares and likes on facebook or twitter by going controversial. Announce something people may disagree with. When they contradict you, your site gets shared. Your popularity (albeit negative) goes through the roof.
  • Create dozens of controversial videos. Remember the epic Vandam vs Chuck Norris splitting contest?  Videos of this sort can hit millions of views and drive traffic to your site. If just 1% of that convert to sales you can retire.
  • Guest blog on high page rank sites. You then get the ranking power of established authority sites. Make sure your shared content provides value to the readers or the article may be removed.
  • Monetize ultra premium content on your site with membership access. Not only does this heighten perceived value of your site and make you recurring membership fees- it creates word of mouth for your brand. WordPress provides plugins that can do this for you.
  • Finally, build your site authority with a powerful link building structure. Over time you want your site to build up critical ranking factors like page authority, trust flow, citation flow and page rank.  The higher these attributes go, the more visibility your site gets. This means more visitors and more buyers.  For more information on how to take a pathetic site to rockstar status, visit this resource.

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