How to Make Money With Facebook

Learn How to Make Money With Facebook

Earning Potential: $3000 per month

In today’s wealth coaching, you learn a secret trick regularly executed by members of BlackHat Forum with great success. In sum, you launch a viral event and direct individuals to a landing page where they complete an offer (you get paid on the spot). Additional income is generated by including email capture systems.

Preparation:facebook money
Choose a hot “Email Submit” offer on Ascend Media, Peerfly or CPAGrip. I find that conversions are high for those “Get a Free iPhone, leave your email here” offers.

Grab Your URL and Images from the offer.

Alternatively you can run a raffle. Lock the mechanics of the raffle with the Content Locker from CPAGrip. Every successful completion nets you $5 to $20. Ten completions get you $200. It’s easy money.

I  tend to upload to offers on a single page. For your reference, this is one of our sites for said offers.

Let’s Go Viral: The Meat of Making Money with Facebook.

1. Login to your facebook account.
2. Create a new event.
3. Offer something in the event (iPods, headphones, stuff that people want.). This is where you enter your URL from Peerfly as well as the landing page earlier created.

4. Make a fan page related to your event like “I love iPod” or “I Love Free Software” Link your landing page to this.
5. Upload a nice picture of the product for your offering. This can be the stuff from Peefly. Link to your URL as before
6. Write a good description with steps to claim the gift.

Step 1. Invite All of Your Friends (This kickstarts the viral effect)
Step 2. Go to Facebook.com/yourfanpagehere and Click “Like” (Helps build a fan page)
Step 3. Embed your email capture page on the Fanpage and your website landing page.

7. Send traffic to the event. Grow your fan page and repeat process.

8. Enjoy your unlimited money. The process can be accelerated with the covert tactics used here

This method creates a viral cycle and builds up fan pages at the same time, while you get leads.

Execute this well and this will be your stats:

how to make money with facebook




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