How to Make Money From Classifieds and Craigslist

How to Make Money From Classifieds and Craigslist

Difficulty: Very Easy

Earnings Potential: $50 daily from US sources; $200 daily from French sourcesmake money as you sleep

This technique is a submission of an associate who ran campaigns like this since 2009. Before you continue- be aware that the methods that follow fall in a grey area. You will feel like you are exploiting a need- though it costs no real damage to anyone.

The system creates steady cashflow from the massive job market

  • Visit Craiglist or any similar website such as Indeed.com or OLX.com and make a post that you’re offering a job (any type of job would work)
  • Put your e-mail at the end, so they will have where to contact you.
  •  Once you start to get e-mails, reply them with something like this :

(Write your appropriate intro, keep it professional,)


I appreciate you e-mailing us about your interest in the open possitions. In case the posting was not clear, the responsibilities of this position are as follows:

A) Answering the phone and taking messages whenever applicable
B) Scheduling company meetings or filing data
C) Running errands for the company such as but not limited to purchasing supplies and making bank deposits on a company credit card for business purchases and supplies as required.

We have short listed you and have a few standard requirements that you should have prepared for the interview.

You must confirm that you will bring the following requirements to your final interview:

A) Proof of age (drivers license or state ID only)
B) Set up a profile by entering your e-mail address and other required informations.

You can fulfill requirement (B) below right now:


(And naturally your CPA Offer link will lock the content and pay you $2 to $25 depending on the nationality of the person accessing it. The BEST converting CPA offers come from this company.)

Please confirm immediately by email that you posses the required information as soon as possible to prevent being passed up for the job. Candidates who confirm that they have proof of age, and fullfilled requirement B in the next 48 hours will be guaranteed an interview time.

This position will be filled next week. I am looking forward to your fast response.

I’ll be in contact towards the beginning of next week as soon you have confirmed.

Have a fantastic Friday,

Ms. Sexy Stealthy Marketer
HR Department Manager

You get the point there.

You can either send them to a direct cpa offer or make a website and iframe the offers (make sure to cloak everything and stay under radar with that as your cpa network may not allow iframe. For details on cloaking, refer to our previous post here)

*  Make it easier by plugging that entire email in an autoresponder.

Alternative Pitches that Work Great

Fiancial Markets

A white hot market right now is the financial market. Your entire spiel will be to invite them to come in as a trader, but for that they will have to sign up and demonstrate their trading process. This company will pay you for such referrals.

Paid Surveys

Change the whole pitch and tell them their duties will include filling in surveys and they must complete so many as a trial to see if they are capable of doing the work.

You could use something like PPD and have 3 surveys for them to complete, upload 3 text files with key words or codes etc. in them that they have to tell you in a reply email to ensure they have filled the surveys in (that part is not really important but it’s just for the sake of uploading something). A company that pays for survey would be this one. You can promote them.

Then later on you could maybe check out which candidates filled the surveys well and then offer them THE JOB, meaning they could do more surveys and get rewarded a $20 Amazon gift card or something (after so many surveys).

Real Hardcore Techniques

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