How to Make $450 with Job Boards

People go to job boards to find employment. Did you know that there’s an amazing way to capitalize on that and make a pile of cash from applicants. I am going to show-you the exact method to create a $200/day income – you can expand this for any offer such as clickbank or commission junction.  I recommend non- incent  networks for for maximum performance

Let’s get down to the method

1) Pick a good offer that pays well per email submit or signup.  You can try networks like MaxBounty or Ascendmedia. They’ve worked well for me. However for earnings like this, there’s only one network I recommend: Sign up for the best here . What’s great about them is that they never witheld payments. Some networks delay when funds of $2000 are in your account.

power on


If you’re savvy with financial services you’d love promoting this service . The payout is triple that of the previous service provider- and conversion goes much higher if you include photos in your email.

2)  Purchase a domain. For example, if youl plan to promote PayDay Loans , you can buy TheLoansCompany.com or Loansareus.com.

4) Create an email address for it on gmail. Examples follow:

3) Redirect the domain to the affiliate or CPA offer. This will be done by your hosting account. It’s all very easy. Here’s how to find it:

domain forwarding


4)  Go to job board sites like these.

  • www.getafreelancer.com
  • www.elance.com
  • www.rentacoder.com
  • www. odesk.com

Post something like this:


We are looking for write for our payday loans website. You will need to create short (20 – 25 word) write ups of daily ad copy. We will pay $0.01/word to startup. then increase if it goes well. You MUST be interested infinance to take up the job.

Due to payment issues an only take writers that are based in the USA f r now. Please send an email to [email protected]

5) Go to the Gmail account you setup. Under settings, there will be thing called an autoresdonder. On that autoresponder write something like:


Thank you for your interest. At the moment, we have received lots of interested parties, so we are going through the applications. Please signup at our website below and take a look around, as that will make things quickere should we hire you.  The site is : yourdomain here

Thank you,

Your Funny Fake Name

90% of everyone who receives that email will sign up. In one day, you can get 300 emails.  All of those emails are from the USA and desperate for jobs.

How does this Earn You

Recommended CPA Offers like this one will pay you $2 to $30 per email submission that results from your domain redirect. On a good day  you can make almost $400 per day- depending on the “job offer” you promote.

Financial offers like this pay up to $200 depending on subsequent applicant action.

Here’s the key. Look only for Pay Per Sign Up or Pay Per  Zip Code offers and promote those under the guise of offering a job. It costs your “applicants” nothing but yields you a hefty profit.

** Note: USA and French targets  tend to pay well. Send targeted visitors (only peoplel that like payday loans, for example) to the signup so there is a high chance a few of them will stay on giving you a good conversion rate.

Extra Tip

You can tell your applicants to sign up at an extra page like this one for faster processing.  You can also tell them to do pre-employment here. You get an extra dollar when they click on the referral link.



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