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 Congratulations: you have discovered  your personal Business In A Box and the power to command income to the tune of $250,000 a year. Today you learn how we built empires over a decade.

Quit your Day Job – You Are Now a Tycoon

On five countries, we have coached our clients how to become formidable, high-priced marketing machines within 30 days. Participants included everyone from housewives to retired bankers. They’re all generating enviable revenue as a result – and now it’s your turn.

Our last US$2000/head workshop was conducted at Singapore and the key contents transcribed for you. With this program you will be able to position yourself as a highly paid consultant regardless of what you know- in 30 days!


You will be able to sell your first intro training within 30 days

You will be able to get your first coaching clients within 30 days

You will create instant demand for your consulting regardless of what you know and what level of education you have

 In short – you will be able to have a complete business within the first 30 days of completing this training. You can make money online today!

In fact, if you are a real action taker, someone who wants to do it fast, you could it sooner. And of course, if you are a real turtle, it might take you longer, but you know that, right?

Here’s the thing – likely you’ve bouncing around, trying thing and shiny thing, but always failing because your skills don’t appear to be marketable.

That can change today!

Because it’s not theory you are going to be getting from me. You will make money online like us.

It’s the real thing – action – what I and the company still does today.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  •  My foolproof method of positioning yourself as a top flight consultant online fast – regardless of what you know (30 days) (90 minutes)
  •  The exact way to get buyers to come into your roster. If you don’t know this, you are probably getting freebie seekers on your list, and they don’t buy. (60 minutes)
  •  My solid 5 hour product creation method for creating internet marketing niche trainings fast that sell for between $37 and $97 easy. (3 hours)
  •  My secret source for getting sales letters written super fast and that convert really well.
  •  How to create a coaching program from scratch (with my secret method, you don’t even have to write the first lesson before your first client pays you) (67 minutes)
  •  How to record your coaching lessons in such a way that you turn them into long term products
  •  How to outsource your traffic for cheap in the India, HongKong and the Philippines like I do

And there’s more to the training –

  •  My super easy method for building a list fast
  •  My own personal method of getting 15% – 20% CTR at essay databases in my sleep
  •  How to let your list tell you what they will buy before you create it
  •  How to get people to tell you their coaching needs before you create the coaching program
  • The exact formula for writing an ebook that gets results


You are also going to get:

  •  The one secret way that you will position yourself as the go-to person for your chosen niche, even if you don’t have any experience yet – (without this, you’ll struggle to get started)
  •  My own secret formula for making your entire business – back-of-the-napkin simple
  •  My own $250k formula for info-product selling
  •  My own formula for getting people to sign up for coaching without a sales letter

And there’s more:

  •  I’m also going to give you my formula for crafting coaching that is specific to a certain person, recording it, and selling it as training later.
  •  My personal method of choosing article topics that convert
  • How to use the search engines to drive you buyers
    My own email-writing formula to get people buying fast once they get on your list

All in all, it’s about 15 hours of rock-solid training – and it sells for $2000 to $799 on our sister consulting company:

The transcription understandably lacks the live interaction of the dynamic workshops so you’re getting the whole course, not at $2000 originally or $799 recently, but at $97!



Here’s the guarantee: follow the system to the letter and you WILL GENERATE $250,000 minimum per year on just one business line- and with virtually no effort. It takes just 3 weeks to set up your empire then its a fire and forget printing machine of money. You will make money online with very little ffort

What you get

  •  Instant download of 15 hours of audio material. Got queries? Simply arrange for a coaching call when you feel you need clarification. Coaching will be done via Skype.
  •  The seminar recording was done by our executive partner Sean Meeche in collaboration with the entire marketing team of Exceed Global


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