How to Make $113.5 Every 60 Minutes

Ease: Very Easy

Payout: $3 per lead; up to $60 per hour

I’m guessing you’ve tried promoting high priced goods in the past.  The typical commissions of 45% at sites like Clickbank or Commission Junction are just too tempting. But this is one of the hardest way to make money. Very few people will actually convert on those offers.

And it gets worse: Many marketers tend to aim for the highest payout offers, which they will never be able to convert. Then they end up quitting.

Seen the affiliate group Impactfive.com lately? They promise the marketer $250 payout but the customer has to buy a $450 product first.

Fat chance.

Go for Volume and Low Margins. You’ll make a lot!

This is the kind of revenues I want you to generate.



How did I accomplish this? Simple. I recommend you promote offers of the “CPL” variant.  CPL means Cost Per Lead where the company pays you $2-$8 per valid email submit. The easiest conversions ever.

The reason this works so well is that no sales are necessary. The customer doesn’t have to buy something to get you a commission. Are you eager to make $100 every 60 minues? Follow the Following steps

The Hardcore Secret for Massive Recurring Profit

1. Sign up at the following high converting CPL sites:

2. Choose the highest performing CPL offers from the sites above

The screen shot below is from a friend of mine who barely started implementing the tactics on this article. See the recurring income?

Best CPL


 3. Grab the affiliate links of the chosen offers. I recommend only offers requesting email or telephone numbers

You may be tempted to promote the $400 products that promise 50% income. Avoid the temptation. You will incur fewer conversions

100 a day!

Get your links!


4. Blast and Promote the Smart Way

I personally love promoting offers like these on high pagerank sites. Sites like these have natural traffic. But what if you have no such sites?

Still Easy.

You can go for Facebook Marketing or you can go Mobile Marketing. These days, I see a lot of conversions on mobile marketing due to the millions of people carrying Android and iOS phones.


Here’s how I do it:

I visit BuzzCity.com and sign up



Once accomplished create a campaign. These are my cash-sucking settings

  • Make sure you select CPC campaign
  • Under Device Class, select MOBILE
  • Banner type: TEXT
  • Countries: Select only USA, UK, Singapore, Canada and Australia
  • Maximum bid: .01C

Here’s the kicker for hundreds of clicks yielding you a pile of income. Use this simple text:

This brings sales!

This brings sales!

Sit back. Relax. And watch the money come in!

Note: You can use our stealth method using Job Boards to monetize this tactic. Read that method here. Alternatively you can also post an ad on Craigslist which redirects to your affiliate link. Just keep it stealthy.



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