How to Succeed At Reddit Marketing this 2016

What if you can direct laser-targeted, server-crippling traffic to your business without spending a dime?  Can you handle the avalanche?

Reddit. Everyone knows how powerful this site is. Proper use can drive tons of bone-crushing traffic to a product, affiliate offer or cute photo of your puppy. Improper use can lead to a perpetual ban.

So how does one succeed at Reddit?

It all revolves around:

1. Engaging content that hasn’t been shared before

2. Categorizing content to the proper sub reddit

3 Tacking on a mouthwatering title to your PR.

Today you learn how I do it- Ninja Style. But first, know the lingo

reddit linggo

Success on Reddit depends on how viral a post, image or text entry becomes. To get that happening, you need to accumulate link karma first. Here’s how:

  • Visit Reddit and find what’s trending. Click on What’s Hot. You want to ride on that bandwagon.
  • Now search Instagram, Pinterest or Google News for related bits. Cute, adorable, controversial always works. You want shareable.
  • Found one? Upload the photo to Karmadecay.com to ensure it wasn’t already shared. Sharing something that’s already on reddit kills your efforts.
  • Grab the clean image and upload the file to the proper subreddit. I use Metareddit  to identify the best possible subreddit. FYI, a subreddit is a category. Each one has its own rules.
  • Use a great title. San Francisco Globe uses amazing titles that go viral. Inspire curiosity and you recruit a following. Here’s a sample:

great reddit titles

And here’s another. Get the drift?

cash in on reddit

The gist is, find trending new.s Upload original content related to that. Slap on a catchy title. Do all that properly and you make this:

make money on reddit

Now sit back and watch the upvotes. The more, the better. Your Link Karma increases and with it your authority. Once you have 300 to 500 link karma, start posting your money links.

Battle Tips for Reddit Marketing.

Here are a couple of general suggestions that can help significantly serve your link karma-building campaigns:

1 – Gun for subreddits that have at least 10,000 readers (or somewhere thereabouts). Every subreddit reveals how many individuals are subscribed to it on the top right hand side, below your user name. If  ~5 to 30 up-votes, tops, then feel free to post in subreddits with fewer subscribers; yet, in my personal experience the more readers there are, the more voting that transpires.

2 – Track your up/down position for the first 10 minutes to estimate initial movements and promptly delete whatever begins receiving downvotes. A lot of folks browse subreddits by the most recent content posted. In the event you commence seeing trending downvotes , you need to consider posting it to a better subreddit . And do not remove your post if you have just received one or two down votes off the bat. When you commence hitting around 3-5 downvotes, that is an excellent indicator of where things will head. You link karma plummets.

3 – Want maximum vote movement? Posting safe-for-work content somewhere between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM EST. In the event you are looking to post something a little more NSFW or “off color,” then posting between 8:00-11:00 PM EST can work youw onders. This really is only a personal recommendation predicated on my experience, though; I do not have any hard data that shows these time frames to perform any better or worse.

4 – It is a misconception that having a huge quantity of karma is going to determining how others vote for you. Quite simply, you can not get away with posting crap. Garbage is garbage as well as the Redditors that vote are a fickle group who is able to sniff out junk and advertising content like nobody’s business, so do not waste your time going down this route of building link karma if you believe it is going to additionally construct power for yourself. By and large, Redditors care about content; not its users.

5. The perfect ratio of amusing posts to money posts? 5:1. No more.

Spam people with pure selfish money posts and you get a ban.

Oh- and don’t forget to use an amazing landing page for your money post. If it’s any less image-dense or spectacular than this article you’re reading, you’ll fail.




Have fun!

Joseph Plazo, Ph.D

PS. Need more reddit tactics? read the article by Jacob Klein

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