How to Make Money With CPA Offers- $1000 a Day.

 Make Money with CPA Offers

Fancy A Thousand Bucks A Day on a Weak Website? Here Are Two Tactics to Make Insane Money with CPA Offers.

I’ll get to the bottom line. Here’s something most of you want:

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Can you imagine quitting your dayjob

You’ve probably taken a crack at making income through Clickbank or similar CPA/CPC networks. Did you succeed? There are two reason you did not attain such earnings:

  • You promoted a poorly converting offer.
  • You failed to drive voluminous traffic to said offer.

Most people in this business succeed at the first and fail at the second. Let’s face it: online income is a numbers game and unless you can get your promotions before hundreds of thousands of prospects, you won’t win.

Today, you learn how to drive millions of views to your offer for free. The results are instant.

Without further ado- here’s how to make $1000 a Day from CPA / CPC offers.

The First Tactic involves Youtube. Did you know that youtube videos properly executed can drive thousands of impressions to your website? Per day! Now a conversion rate of 1% out of 100,000 to your offer amounts to hundreds of dollars commission to you.


With the proper technique (which you will learn here), you can generate $1000 a day from video advertising. For free.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

It’s relatively untapped and presents an enormous opportunity for brands to promote their goods and services to a worldwide audience.


The people searching YouTube are there to find answers, to click around, and watch new content so it’s an advantageous environment to get leads.

There is tons of organic traffic on YouTube and people search for the same topics and solutions for months and years. Your content goes a long way since it’s being searched for continuously over time.

Bottomline: if you want a massive audience, Youtube is the way to go- particularly if you want free traffic.

make money youtube

Everyone loves youtube vids- especially the comments

Let’s get started with your quest for untold riches.


When marketing your product, your job is to provide a solution to the customers problem.

First, write down the topic of your business. (i.e.: weight management, vegan cooking, etc.)


When reaching your audience, think like your audience.

Pretend you are your own customer and make a list of 5 searches you’d make on YouTube to improve at your problem at hand.

IMPORTANT: Leave out generic phrases like “how to,” “what to do to,” “how do I” and get to the point:


  • Lose weight in 30 days vs  how to lose weight in 30 days
  • Exercises to lose weight vs  what exercise to do to lose weight


Go to www.YouTube.com

Start typing in one of the searches you wrote up in the Step 2, but stop short of typing the full phrase to see the list of recommended searches.

(i.e. lose weight…)

The recommended searches that come up are called the “Google Autocomplete” function. It shows you the most popular searches by done by people who started searching the same keywords.

Now, make a list of all of the Autocomplete recommendations listed when you search EACH of the 5 searches you came up with in Step 2. You should have 30+ total keyword searches when you are done.

Make Money CPA Offers Youtube

Now watch this first for an overview of the traffic storm method:

(this video was uploaded April 2, 2015. Take note how many individuals had seen it in mere hours. This is the power of the technique)


Now we have a list of 30+ most popular searches done by your ideal customer:

Each of the keyword phrases we collected are optimized and targeted titles for videos to find your ideal customers and drive them to your own YouTube video.

Next, you’ll want to create a video for every single term you find.


Use the the keyword phrase you’re working on all across the video. That means you want it in the following places:

  1. In the headline
  2. In the description
  3. In the tags of the video

This is how you really target your customer and get that lead.


Did you know that in early 2014, YouTube made an algorithm switch that based video suggestion on watch time?

This means your potential customers aren’t necessarily being shown results based on most-clicked on videos but rather on longest watched videos.

This is great for people just starting out on YouTube since you don’t have to have tons of clicks or a huge subscriber base for your videos to be displayed higher up in searches.

Yout Tube Ranking

7,801 views vs 432,347 views  vs 921,457 views vs 41,785 views

Ask yourself why the videos ranked this way. As you can see from the displayed search results, the first video only has 17,80 views but it is displayed higher than the videos with 432K or even 921K views.

The answer: some videos were watched more completely.

The Tornado Video Swamper Method to Get Any Video to The Top

Stop for a moment. Imagine what kind of power you can have if you can create a video with any title– and it instantly ranks within 30 minutes.

Say, you create a video with the title “Make Money in NY”- and 30 minutes after uploading the video, it appears 1st page in Google, Youtube and the Search Engines.

Now imagine, branding that video with any product you want to sell. Can you hear the cash register ringing?

make cash with CPA

Tornadoes can be very friendly

There is a powerful method which I call Tornado Ranker. It’s a four step process

  1. Create a brand new channel. Make sure the channel name and description has the general keywords related to the videos’ future title.
  2. Comment on high PR videos related to yours using the Channel entity. What that means is, you find other video channels with at least 500,000 views and you leave comments on them using your Youtube account. This step raises the pagerank of your video channel.
  3. Execute the Unlisted Method in 24 hours. This essentially means uploading the video using the “Unlisted” option and not the “Public” option for 24 hours. During the 24 hours of privacy, you are to send no more than 500 views to the video using this sneaky service. After 24 hours elapses, change the privacy of your video from Unlisted to Public. You will skyrocket to the first page of youtube for your keyphrases. This is vital: send no more than 500 views or your video can be deleted.
  4. Execute a video link wheel with 1:4 link ratio to the money site.

For a full walkthrough of the process, download this video



If you provide quality content on a consistent basis, you WILL get traffic since your watch time will longer than your competitors.

Here are 3 keys to create engaging, quality content:

  1. Keep your videos specific and focused to 1 subject only.
  2. Keep your videos short. Most people don’t watch a video for more than a few minutes. Keep it to a 5 minute max. This way they stick throughout the video.
  3. Get to the point and give them the steps, the trick or the tip they are looking in a concise and clear way.


Even a wiz at improvising needs to organize their thoughts for filming. Write up a quick script of the flow of your video and leave out the fluff. (i.e.: Introduce myself, tell viewer what you’ll be teaching, deliver the steps or tip, wrap up by asking them to subscribe/recommend another video) You can’t make some mindless video like a slideshow of trees and monks and expect it to sell stuff. The zanier, the better. Like this:


make money fast

Samuel Jackson sold a lot of pink hair dye yesterday


REMEMBER, even the PROs use an iPhone to film, so you DON’T need any fancy technology. Use your smartphone or laptop.

Most importantly, get excited. No one wants to watch a video of someone monotonously delivering information like a robot.

** On a side note, did you know you can get paid $10 to $30 to upload your videos? Here’s another way to make extra cash.


You can turn your viewers into leads with the help of clickable video annotations.

What is a clickable video annotations?

These are clickable text boxes that pop up in your video that allow you to direct the viewer to your website or to ask them to perform an action

(i.e.: “Click here to subscribe to my channel,” “Click here to receive a free 10 step guide to healthier cooking,” etc.


youtube cash

If you fail at youtube marketing, you can always return to facebook ads



To set up an annotation, simply visit the video’s page you just upload and click on the “Annotation” button

under the video. In the annotation dashboard, pick the annotation you want to use.

Annotation “Links” include the ability to send viewers to other videos, playlists, have them subscribe to your channel, and most importantly, visit your website or affiliate offers. If you want a whirlwind pile of cash, you can cloak your links with this service.  You get $9 to $29 each time the link is access. Now how does that sound?

Ultimately when people click your annotation, they will actually leave YouTube and visit your website or landing. You make money from the cloaker and make money again from the stuff sold on your website.


make cash quick


Make money now




If you are new to YouTube, or have not yet set up an “Associated Website”, you will need to do so in order to allow “clickable annotations” to your website.

  1. Go to you “Creator Studio” under your Profile in the top right of the page:
  2. Then select “Channel” from the dashboard on the left. Scroll down, and you’ll find a Feature entitled “External Annotations”, if the “Status” light isn’t green, then click “Learn More” for step-by-step instructions on setting up external annotations to your associated website.
  3. Embed your CPA offers or Affiliate links on your external website. Remember: keep your site professional looking. This is where the money comes in.

external CPA offers cash

lets make money


Keep annotations to 20% of your entire video max.

  1. Annotations should go towards the beginning or the end of your video. This will not disturb your viewers experience.
  2. Display only 1 annotation at a time. You only want to direct your viewer to perform 1 action at a time.


At the end of your video, you need to have a call to action.

People respond best when you ASK them to do what you want.


  • Ask them to subscribe to your channel for more great videos on [what your business offers].
  • Ask them to give a “Thumbs Up” on your video and leave a comment
  • Ask the viewer to share with you what else they’d like to learn from you and what new content you can make for them

How Master Marketers Make $1000 a Day by Merging Youtube and Clickbank

Clickbank is one powerful source of income generation. This affiliate marketing site rewards you with 70% commissions on most products, making it a favorite revenue source for Youtube and CPA marketing.

Don’t believe me? Check out my stats and read on  to see how to do this.

make money with clickbank

When you have 3 to 5 videos on youtube and both have garnered at least 1000 views in 48 hours, they tend to go viral. At that point your videos tend to end up “suggested” by Youtube on the sidebar. What’s that mean for you? First, your videos get increased coverage. Hence more views per minute. You should start embedding Clickbank links into the video for fast sales.

Here’s a walkhrough that explains the process to ultimate conversions and income:



STEP 10 Go Nuclear and Make 100 Times the Earnings

A well-executed video can generate 1Million views in 6 months. With the average conversion rate of 5%, that’s 50,000 product sales. That’s how you make money with CPA offers fast.

But there’s a more powerful method of creating revenue with CPA offers. Income that looks like this:

Make Money From CPAGrip


Youtube is the second best source of free traffic to offers. It can swamp your site with millions of views in months.

But did you know there are 100 sources of laser targetted traffic that can swamp you in just a single day? Even better, the conversion rate goes up to 20%. Do the math if you dare and imagine the income.

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