How To Make $735 Daily with Adult Traffic

Your Dreams Just Came True. I’m Releasing One of My Biggest Secrets To Income Like This:

Huge Earnings With Adult Traffic

Yes – that’s $12,000 revenue for today, Mar 13, 2015


Earning Potential: $1700/ Day  Ease: Very Easy

Take NOTE: The first time I ventured into this, I have spent about $200 total in advertising, and have gotten back $3,300. The returns are consistent on a day to day basis.

How Much To Get Started?
I’ll be up front. You will have to spend money on advertising– but the returns are at 500% to 2000% ROI. So if you’re planning to be cheap, then don’t read on. Otherwise, rest assured that  whatever you plunk down for this endeavor will ultimately buy you a BMW Series 5.

Here are average stats from the get go- with initial setup in just the first week:

Adult Earnings
What Sites will be Used
There are only two sites that you will need to make this work.

CrakCash – You will be promoting their killer services or products. Alternatively, you can promote your own site as well.
UltimateAdult – This is the key to the formula. You will be using their advertising platform- and generate literally 200,000 impressions a day to any campaign.

The Premise to Making Profit With Sexy Traffic

The method is pretty simple, you will be creating different advertisements on the UltimateAdult which advertise products from CrakCash or your own website.

Now before people start going ham on me saying that the CPC is way to high to make this successful, give it a read as I add in some secret sauce that makes it work

The Method to the Madness of $12,000 a Day.

Step 1: CrakCash
The first thing you need to do is head over to CrakCash and sign up.

get rich quick

You’ll make so much money even your dog gets class

Signup: CrakCash
I will NOT be going into detail on how to get through the acceptance process. Use some common sense and you will be able to get in.

Step 2: UltimateAdultNet
While you wait to be accepted you can head on over to UltimateAdult and setup a new account. It is pretty simple and straight forward. You can wait until you are accepted into CrakCash but might as well get this taken care of!

Signup: UltimateAdult

Step 3: UltimateAdult Setup

Once you have been accepted and now it is time to move on to make the dough.
Get acquainted with the two websites. Go through them both and get a feel for how they work, and you can even go into CrakCash and setup how you want your payments to be made.

Head on over to UltimateAdult and make your first deposit!

Click “buy traffic”
then click “deposit funds”
Then input your amount and click “deposit”
Fill in the remaining information and “submit your information”

You can start with $50. That $50 will most likely become $1000 by day 7.

Step 4: CrakCash Setup

Now sign into your freshly made CrakCash account, does it not look so pretty? This dashboard is where you will be seeing up-to-date information on how your ads are doing

Click “Web Offers”
Now scroll down till you see “Free Lifetime F***book PPS” $50 PPS
Here is where you create the different ads that you will be advertising!

In the top right hand corner you will see an “enter your tracker here” This is where you can enter a tracker, and will be the link code you will be using when creating ads on UltimateAdult

So for now let’s make this one “test” and you will get a code that is something like this “http://crtracklink.com/go/yyyyyyyyyy/test” keep this for later

Now Scroll down until you see the “Choose Creative”, don’t be distracted by the pictures! Stay focused!!
You will have a choice of different options, but we want one that is 160×600 and one that is 468×60, both unclothed Only.

This will generate some images below. The easiest thing to do is to right-click on them and “save image” as we will be using these for creating our ads. Get one for 160×600 as well as 468×60

SIDENOTE: To be more efficient and to scale this system up, you will need to create your own!

So, now you should have your Tracker Code “Test” that we created, and Two Banner Ads (160×600 + 468×60). Time to create your UltimateAdult Ads.

Look to the right. This is an ad that made $20,000 in 7 days. It advertised not a prdouct on the CrakCash network, but a supply of pheromones we promoted as a middleman. The response was so good that before the 7th day, we ran out of inventory.

Step 5: Back to UltimateAdult
You should now be ready to make some ads, but let’s double check to make sure that we have the three key ingredients.

Advertising Money in UltimateAdult = Check
Generated Link Code “Test” = Check
TWO banners, one 160×600 and one 468×60 = Check

If you have these then we are good to go!

Login to UltimateAdult
Click “Buy Ads”

You will see something like this:

racy Ads


SECRET SAUCE comes into play! Most people choose to advertise on the sites with the highest impressions or traffic. The yield on such sites is tremendous. You can literally make tens of thousands of dollars- only if you invest $599 to $2999 every seven days.

Which you do NOT want to do. After all, your goal is to be cheap and to turn $50 or $100 to $10,000 first.

So, what you will do is look for sites with the following criteria:

1. The site has over 100,000 daily views

2. The site offers ads that start at $100 to $200

3. The site is visited by GREEN (first world) nations. That means the visitors are most likely to spend.

Here’s a good example of an elite advertising platform:

make money with funky traffic

You can expect to buy a Prada with this traffic


Now click Buy and Ad and UPLOAD your images. This will go into their que for being accepted. It takes some time for them to accept a new banner. I’ve noted that CrakCash products sell so well on this platform, as does Clickbank Self-help products and get rich quick PDFs.

make money fast

Yes. Be carefree, Tycoon!

Step 6: Be Patient
So you have UltimateAdult setup, you have your banners setup to advertise, and they’ve been accepted! NOW WHAT?!

We wait, and be patient….it is hard to sit there and watch, but as you see visits to your advertisement you get a bit excited. And I must say I was overly joyed when I made my first sale.  Within minutes.

I only made one sale off my first go round, but it gave me a good profit so I continued, added a few more banners in different niches, and let it go for a few months just adding more money to advertising.

Step 7: Make Better Profits
Here’s how to ultimately reach godly $5000 a day: Instead of advertising products that requires purchase, you can advertise free things which are content locked by content locking networks. What I like to do is to build a page filled with premium content locked by this service . Then I direct traffic from the AdultNetwork to it. When people arrive, they get free items which rewards me with commissions from the content locking company. Understandably, the yield from this is fast and furious due to the items being free.

A deeper methodof making this work is using a tool used to hack the social networks- thereby mass blasting your ad to hundreds of Facebook groups and communities. Imagine running a social campaign alongside the millions of impressions generated by the racy network? That’s a lot of revenue in mere hours!

This is the tool I use to blast the social networks.



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