How I Make $2000/Day with $5 on Facebook

make cash from facebook

How’s that paycheck looking today? Let’s get yout to tycoon hood- stat!

I manage three clickbank accounts and several CPA panels. These are  my weakest accounts:
Facebook Cash Secret   Make money with CPA Grip

Yes, that isn’t a typo. Today’s revenue on that network is $1101.53. That’s from the poorest performing account. Are you wondering how I can pull that off?

Let me put things in perspective.

I run several restaurants. Handful of hotels. A gaggle of online SEO companies.

But what I generate from facebook marketing can occasionaly overwhelm the earnings from the hotels on good days. And we’re talking prime hotels on pristine white beaches.

I'm talking beaches with a view

Our beaches have a great view

Today you learn how I do this with Facebook. If you’re too lazy to learn, shut the browser now and go back to your day job.

How I Make $2000/Day with $5 on Facebook

All you need is $5. If you’re too much of a penny pincher for $5, then entrepreneurship is not for you. All businesses require risk and a bit of capital outlay.

Now in addition to this, you’ll also need a bit of photoshop skills because you will leverage the power of imagery on the Facebook Ad network to create your income.

The key to creating income is this: Selecting an amazingly converting offer + Driving Viral Traffic to it with Facebook. Plus the secret sauce. Which you will unleash.

Facebook is the fastest growing platform. People check facebook upon arising and before sleeping. Now imagine, getting your ad in front of millions of people and creating amazing cash flows from it?

The secret is to create viral content that promotes some kind of easy offer  and which reaps you a lot of profit by volume. The following are screenshots of several campaigns I run. Study the the logic behind the post:

Make Money With Facebook


Make Cash With Facebook

get rich with facebook

You may have noticed that every post had been seen, liked and shared by a boatload of people- folks who most likely threw money your way without even spending a dime. Today you learn how to do this and make your first $2000 tonight. But first, some motivation:

The Revenue Sources

First you want to setup your revenue sources. Create accounts here, here, here and here. These networks allow you to provide premium content to viewers of your ad at no cost. The great news is that by accessing your content, you get paid up to $30.

Now if you want to sell stuff to your viewers, Clickbank and this network that pays $300 per lead can make you very rich.

The Setup

Next you’re going to run a contest on Facebook- a contest where people get free things. Everyone likes free. That’s one reason you’re at this page reading a free article to make free money.

I have  a tried and true formula to creating this campaign: I give away a free gadget, membership or high valued good on raffle. So I whip up an ad that says:

Giving away 50 Iphones! To qualify and win for the Dec 10 Draw

  • Like This page and Share This Post
  • Comment why you want it
  • Register here http://xxx

This formula has consistently thrown more cash into the bank than any other campign other gurus will brag about.

The formula is so effective because viewers to the ad create natrual virality for you- without you spending more than a single day on facebook ads.

Hence to get things started:

  • Use your photoshop skills to show a pile of the stuff you’re giving away. Border it in red so it’s seen more easily
  • Use the formulaic words written above
  • And host the registration URL on one of those accounts you’ve signed up for in the first step. You make money when that URL is accessed- to the tune of $2 to $30
  • Combine everything into a nice post and run the Boost Post function (facebook ads) for a single day. It will cost you $5

Take note- there is a certain demographic that complies more easily with such campaigns. You can target this demographic with the options within facebook. Set the demographic to:

  • US/Euro capital cities ONLY
  • Females
  • Aged 25 to 35
  • College graduates

I’ve tried other demographics and the conversion rates are far less.

Ultra Targetting Stealth System

My regular campaigns tend to target the above-described demographic with great result. But there’s a way to more than quadruple conversion rates and this is by blasting your ad to people already pre-disposed to your campaign.

Imagine for a moment pushing iphone ads to females who are members of iphone Groups, iphone Events and iphone pages.


Picture the earnings from pushing night club ads to men who frequent nigh club locations, night club pages and private night club groups.

You’ll have close to 90% conversion rates.

I do this all the time, and it’s very easy.

Here’s the tool I use to generate that  cash-sucking buzz

And here’s how I use it:

Revenue Generation from Organic Traffic.

Once you run your highly targetted facebook ads- expect people to like, share and comment on your post. That leads to massive virality. It’s for that reason  your ad hits 100,000 to 500,000 eyeballs in a single day- without you spending more than $5. On day two onwards, you’ve created more than enough momentum that you may get thousands of likes and shares to a single campaign. When you launch your ad to the highly targeted group using the software that I use, the conversion rate goes through the roof.

How much does that translate to? The average campaign may hit 5000 likes. A low conversion rate of 10% to your embedded link offer means 500 people. At about $30 per person revenue, you get $15,000. That’s for day zero.

Read that again.

Day Zero

Of course $15,000 is assuming the offer paid $30. However, some offers pay only $1, so you may get just $500 in a single day.

Still. Not bad.

Awarding the Winner

If you promised an iphone, choose one registrant at random. Make a public announcent of the winner and award it. You will increase your future participation rate.

Does this sound expensive? Hardly.

Run your campaign for 15 days. Have your ad inform people that the contest ends in half a month.

If you make $2000 a day for 15 days, that’s more than enough cash to buy the promised prize and have enough left over to get yourself a Lancer Evolution. Five days of this can net you a shiny Jaguar XJ where you can stow all your money. Make sure you save the driver seat for your groupies.

Scale up and Reap Facebook for All It’s worth

There are a few more pointers you’ll need to know, things like:

  • The best time to run the ad
  • The  best converting colors (yes, colors ad a certain oomph) and subject (hint: women and funny animals are among the best converting images)
  • The best capture pages to compel registration
  • The best cross-referenced ad campaigns to run at the same time
  • The best fanpage profile name
  • The tweak to force only $30 offers to be paid out to you (and not $1)

These little secrets and a boatload more can be seen in this video. It’s optional, but this video teaches you how to quit your job as VP of Citibank and make ten times more than you’re making now.


make cash from facebook




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