How to Get $10,000 From Any Site

How to Create an ATM out of your Site

It’s a fact. In order to create a stream of cash from your site, you must be an authority site. That means you must have at least Pagerank 3 onwards. If you’re a pagerank 5 – you’re a god. You can pretty much have any content indexed instantly. But if you’re a pagerank 9 (like us)- you can tell google and bing to shove it. You’re a VIP and whether you promote sticks or stones… it will sell.

How do you become an authority site? It’s easy. You need citation from other authority sites. That makes the process costly… for instance, to buy a link from a pagerank 9 will cost you $2000 a month minimum.

But there’s an easier way. And that’s the gist of this article.

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So now, let’s proceed to getting the tactics to make powerhouses out of your own sites

So basically all we need to get ranked is:

1) Good content
2) Authority pages

In the course of this tutorial I will show you how to create each of them.

Tools , resources required:

1) Time and labor
2) Seo quake plugin for firefox
3) Spinnerchief or any other free spinner with built in thesaurus

COSTS INVOLVED: Zero to Negligible

Note: There are all these kinds of junk links not relevant to your site coming from spammed to death pages that you cannot use to link directly to your site. There are other links that are not embedded in content, nor relevant to your niche but carry authority. What we are going to do is funnel the authority of these links to our money sites using buffer pages. These buffer pages have content related to our niche and all the other links are pointed to these buffer pages hence passing the authority and link juice without causing any harm.

Basically this is what we are gonna do: 

get rich

Step 1: Creating buffer sites:

We will use web 2.0 properties as our buffer sites. There are a lot of good non no-follow web 2.0 sites out there which we can use: Create accounts on some or each of these:

• WordPress.com
• Livejournal.com
• Typepad.com
• Weebly.com
• Webs.com
• Squidoo.com
• Blogspot.com
• Wikispaces.com

You can find a more comprehensive list here http://thinkingseo.blogspot.com/2012/10/…-with.html
20-30 buffers with be enough to rank any ppd niche.

Step 2: Creating content:

Writing 20-30 or more articles on a niche can be a real headache. However our motive is to create unique articles that are fairly readable. Our articles are not meant to be read by people but the search engines so they need not be compelling. 

This is how we create 50+ such articles in 3 hours.

Write one good 400-500 words articles related to your niche. 

Download spinnerchief from here, its free http://download.domarketup.com/download….innerchief
Start the software and you will have a window like this:

Paste your article in the box mentioned and click on sentence spin tab in the bar at the bottom.
Ahhh it will be too difficult to explain without video, so watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX5PVh4BLzs

And rewrite each sentence once in another words. After you are done you will have an article with each sentence written twice in this format {sentence1|sentence1rewrite}.{sentence2|sentence2rewrite} and so on.

Take for example this sentence
Playing outdoor games keeps your body fit.
After the sentence rewrite it becomes
{Playing outdoor games keeps your body fit|To keep your body fit, you should play outdoor games}.

get cash

Hope you get the idea.

Now its time to word spin the entire articles. Click the word spin tab, watch this video 

and spin each word with atleast three variations. So the final product will be like this
{{Playing|Taking part in|Participating in} {outdoor|outside|open-air} {games|matches|game activities} {keeps|maintains|helps to keep|will keep} {your body|your whole body|the body|your physique} {fit|in shape|healthy}|{To keep your|In order to keep your|To maintain your} {body|physique|entire body} {fit|in shape|healthy}, {you should|you need to|you ought to|you must|it is best to} {play|enjoy|participate in} {outdoor|outside|open-air} {games|activities|matches}}.

Now you see how we transformed one sentence into this strange form. This form can be used to generate 50+ unique sentences. Just click on the spin tab on the top of the software. Again click on the spin button in the sub menu.

IMP: Inside the box that pops up select “Spin randomely” rather than spin orderly. Leave all the setting as it is , enter the amount of articles you want to generate (20,30 according to your requirement) and hit the spin button at the bottom. You will get different versions of the article all unique and fairly readable.

Using our example sentence I generate these 10 sentences:

• Playing outdoor games keeps your body fit.
• To keep your body in shape, you should play outside games.
• Taking part in open-air matches maintains your whole body healthy.
• In order to keep your physique fit, you need to enjoy outdoor activities.
• Participating in outside game activities helps to keep the body in shape.
• To maintain your entire body healthy, you ought to participate in open-air matches.
• Playing outdoor games will keep your physique fit.
• To keep your body in shape, you must play outside games.
• Taking part in open-air matches keeps your body healthy.
• In order to keep your physique fit, it is best to enjoy outdoor activities.

So you see how we generate decent articles from a single spun version?

Save all the articles you generated in text files.

The next obvious step will be to post each article to the web 2.0 properties you created in step 1.

Remember to write a unique title for each post.
Have at least one relevant image embedded inside the post.
Add other necessary things (tags, categories etc)

We take the above steps to prevent our post from getting deleted. We have got to make our posts like real blogs as much as we can.

P.S: Don’t insert the links yet

The posts that have links embedded from the beginning are prone to getting deleted fast. Wait for a couple of days before you insert links in the posts. You can use 2 links in each post- One targeting your main anchor text (keyword) the other for LSI keywords or url as anchor text (it is very important to maintain anchor diversity)

Now that you have you buffers sites ready let’s move on to the most important step. Making your buffer pages authority. 

Step 3: Juicing up your buffer pages:

The motive of this step is to pass as much of page rank to our buffer pages as possible. So we will find some quality PR pages to put a link to our buffers.

Lot more to follow… stay tuned

Part 2

The second part is about Juicing up buffer site to get more power and ultimately good rankings.

Its enough of theory by digitalcon in the first one I would rather like to keep it bit practical 😛

There are 2 things that are needed to be done to get maximum from a Buffer Site:

On Page:
By On page I mean It is the work you have to do on your buffer site like formatting the content and other things on your buffer site itself.


Readable: On your buffer site as digitalcon stated the content must be readable. Manual spinning works great it takes a lot of annoying work but you can get lots and lots of fully readable articles from it so it saves you from getting so many articles written to post on different sites. You can spin one and can get enough unique articles to post on all your buffer sites.

Correct: Beside this, before posting any manual spin article do check it in MS word for any grammatical or spelling mistake. Post only 100% accurate articles.

Image: Do not forget to include an image in your article or post for your buffer site. Add proper alt text to your Image including the keyword you want to rank for.

Headings: Do use HTML markup like H1 headings or h2 headings properly in article.


Insert links in article with proper keyword you want to rank as anchor but do consider following points while creating links to avoid any penguin or unnatural link penalty from Google:
1) Link internal pages of your site that are dedicated for the niche instead of homepage.
2) Use multiple anchor texts while placing the links
3) Create at least 20% of your links with generic anchor text like click here or click or website like that.
4) Create few no follow links along with do follow links. The mixture of both kinds of links help. (learn here for no follow do follow) Though Google dont count no follow for PR but it does count them for ranking.
5) Never link to any p0rn site from your buffer site.
6) Not more than 50% of total links should point to your homepage.
7) Not more than 40% of total links have same anchor text.

Site Structure:
Things you need to know while setting up buffer sites:
1) Must have basic pages like Privacy policy and Contact Us page. Google check for them.
2) The total number of links going out from the page must be less than 50 so as not to dilute the link juice. So better not to include any tag cloud widget or meta links widget on sidebars of site.
3) No footer link to your site or blogroll link. Only the links in content.

These techniques may seem small but can make your PR n/a site very powerful. 

Off Page:
By off page i mean the work you need to do on other sites and not your buffer site to make your buffer sites more powerful. Remember the more powerful

Well there not many steps that have significant impact on Off page but i will list the one which have impact.

Socializing: Though Google claims again and again with new videos from Matt Cutts that they take into account the social signals for ranking sites but in reality they are far from it but for getting some traffic its always good to share them on social media like Facebook or Pintrest.

Backlinking the buffer sites: The main weight in Off page is of Backlinks only. So i will talk about it little more.
Due to recent updates from Google backlinks is a risky business nowadays. If you do it wrong you can lose your site rankings.
Contextual Backlinks are great to have to rank but since we are talking about backlinking buffer sites we need not to post articles for getting backlinks to the buffer sites. For buffer sites backlinks from relevant content dont matter much so you can get backlinks for them from anywhere.

I would recommend going to


and try replying to the threads. After you reply count reaches 15 add your signatures but keep the plain URL of your buffer site as your signature no anchor (Read rules of signature so as not to get banned) . Its very high PR forum and often most of the threads get PR 2+ so you will be getting a PR 2+ link for free.

WARNING:DO NOT SPAM try to contribute else the mods are very strict and can ban you wasting all your work. So never SPAM there its very active community. Create more posts there and get Backlink for free which will get PR after PR update and juice up your buffer sites. Its very effective method to juice up your buffer sites.

I would like to tell some good backlinking method for your money site
Relevant High PR blog comments: Here is how you will find High PR blogs to comment on.

1) Install seo quake plugin to your firefox and turn it on.
2) Now open Google.com and search your keyword and select Blogs from More tool as shown in image.

how to make money with seo

3) This is the list of all blogs in your niche. You can leave a contributing comment and when it gets approve you will get relevant backlink for your money site which is really helpful.

Easiest way to create most powerful buffer sites or pages which power up your money site:
The best way to create good and relevant backlinks for your site Guest Blogging. Find out some tech blogs or blogs closer to your niche which allows the guest blogging. Write a good article about your niche and submit it with a backlink in it with your anchor text.


is a site dedicated where many blogs are listed those who wait for guest post. You can find the guest post there very easily.

Another way to find guest blogging opportunity in your niche is using Google Search. Use the following search strings in Google and replace the keyword with your niche. Dont replace those double quotes.

keyword “guest blogger”

keyword “guest post”

keyword “guest author”

keyword “guest article”

keyword “guest column”

keyword “become a contributor”

keyword “contribute to this site”

keyword “write for us”

keyword “write for me”

keyword inurl:category/guest

Guest post links are best and easiest link you can find to boost up your money site and they are 100% safe for your site. Hope this all helps a little.

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