How to Generate Passive Income Easily

How to Generate Passive Income Easily

Need money Fast? No problem….

Here’s How How to Generate Passive Income Easily

Let’s start with CPA. (not, not certified public accountants. We’re talking CPA- Cost Per Action)

There are several excellent ways to get money with CPA offers, but if you are starting from zero, your first step is going to be getting accepted into a CPA network – a company that joins publishers (you) with advertisers (those paying you to get others to perform the actions).

Instead of making a big deal out of getting accepted into a CPA network, let me point you toward a few truly excellent resources that can let you know everything that you must know about the best way to go about that. Once you have been accepted into a CPA network, then you definitely can start using a few of these approaches!

Check this out for stuff on getting in CPA networks

A few networks to look at…

  1. http://www.advertmarketing.com/
  2. http://peerfly.com/
  3. https://www.cpalead.com/

When you work with a CPA network, they’ll give you a list of offers to promote. Each offer campaign requires an alternate activity for you to get paid (some require that users share their information while others require that they Complete a survey, etc.). To get people to perform the activity, you’ll need to have them click on your own unique affiliate link for that offer.

So for instance, let’s say that there is an offer where the required action is getting someone to give their name and e-mail address to allow them to become a tester for the latest iPhone. Every time you get someone to perform that activity and complete that offer, you will get something like $1 to $2.

If you want to take part in that offer, you may receive a unique affiliate link.  You’ll need to get folks to see that link so they can reach the page where they enter their info. It’s fairly simple. The page where they enter info would already be set up by the individual running the campaign and paying you – so all you have to do is send people to your link!

I know you’re thinking: how the heck do I get people to click that link and make money? I recommend two kickass ways

CPA Procedure #1 Go Mobile

It’s a fact- there are more people using iPhones and android phones these days than they are using laptops. This provides you an amazing gold mine to cash in. Imagine- if just 1% of the One Billion cellphone toting folks see your offer and click- you make a pile of cash! That’s a lot of money.

But wait, do you have to be a programmer to create apps or software for the phones? Hell no. Just as Microsoft Word spits out great templated documents for you, there’s a sneaky method to populate the appstore with your apps and your offers. Click here for the secret of the work-at-home-dads  use to generate passive income easily.

CPA Procedure #2 – Use WordPress

We have discussed exactly how to set up a WordPress blog in in an earlier post so if you need ANY help with that, please refer back. The notion here is that we will be setting up a WordPress site that advertises a link to a CPA offer. Afterward, you will only need to send as many folks to that link as you possibly can!

To try it, simply take a key word from your offer and write up an article about it. For example, if the offer is attempting to get folks to complete a survey and in return, they can be entered in a drawing for a cell phone, you could write out an article about the keyword “free cell phones” or “cell phones for surveys”. Talk about how folks can get free cell phones in return for filling out surveys – you are essentially prepping someone to perform the actions for the offer that you are providing!

Begin by installing WordPress on your own hosting account somewhere and paste the article on the front page. Make sure that you insert your offer affiliate link all through the entire post. Put your link in about 5 or 6 times, any time that you simply say something like “getting a free cell phone is easy..” or “then your free cell phone will arrive…” It’s possible for you to make the words ‘free cell phone’ a link!

You can use just about domain name with your new WordPress site – but, it’s best to be sure it stays related to the offer. So, for our example you’d desire to use something like “freecellphoneforsurveys.com” or something along those lines.

If you want my advice, I would buy a .info domain name from GoDaddy, because they are generally really inexpensive! Then, spend all your time promoting that blog all over the area. Put it in your signature link at forums. Put it in your email signature, write out some more articles and submit them to article directories, visit Yahoo! Answers and compose the replies to questions about cell phones, then leave your link as the resource. Do whatever you can to get folks to your new WordPress site.

This strategy will operate with almost any offer. It does not have to be a campaign that involves getting a free cell phone. All you have to do is fix the content of the post in your front page and it can be for almost any offer.

Did that sound like hard work?  No sweat. I got a secret.  As with the first method, there’s an automated method of churning out scores of material that blast your ad directly to your market- all while you sleep.

It’s literally push button. Don’t click on this link to that secret information! It might blow your mind!

Ready to learn how to generate passive income easily? Re-read this entire article and implement everything. I guarantee- you’ll be driving a Porsche by next year




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