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Warning: This page contains the secret template to build high pagerank, high traffic websites. Can you imagine unique visits of up to 20,000 a day? Can you hear the cash register?

You may have read our article on how to create Pagerank 7 sites quickly. That post got viral so fast and was cited as groundbreaking in several SEO communities. The same post was also shared hundreds of times on the social networks.

The challenge is… most folks don’t even know where to begin. Yes they have the concept, but they lack the tools. Today, you will be provided access to a secret. For the next 1 hour only.

What you Need:

How to do it:

Why is our Template Unstoppable?

Obviously, we walk the talk. This site is pagerank 9 and has verifiable traffic of 30,000 visits a month. How many companies out there promise you great rankings but have homesites that are not even indexed on google? Worse- they have 10 visits a month.

The secret template at the end of this page consists of 200,000 high PR sites which we have harvested for the power building campaigns of 12 clients. They are now pagerank 7. Here’s one. And here’s another.

The following infographic created by our associate explains our ranking template:


Ultra Ranking Power

Act Today and Be a One Man SEO Team

We are Midas Web Engineers– and we control over a hundred domains with pagerank 5 to 9. Traffic to our online businessesis nothing short of an avalanche. You can have the same type of success- with our powerhouse Ultra GSA SER Template. All you have to do is

  • Purchase the GSA SER Template  from us within the next 1 hour.
  • Plug it into your copy of GSA SER or Xrummer (you must have this software and know how to use it). Or you can hire an SEO company to do it. Naturally we are the best.
  • Enter the keyphrases you are trying to rank for.
  • Wait for results!

This Ultra GSA Template is so powerful that we are making it available only for the next 1 hour.  You will never see this page again.

* This template is 20% of the blueprint we use to create PR4 to PR9 sites. If you have a site that gets zero traffic and no sales- you need this. Keep this template private- too many people using it will diminish its ranking power.

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