Easy $50 Daily: Making Money Online For Lazy People

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You never learned this in business school

Today you learn how to make $50 Daily on Automatic Pilot

In today’s guide to making money online, you learn how to integrate PTP (paid to promote) systems with traffic exchanges for an easy $50 minimum per day. The setup is straightforward and one time. This makes it palatable for the lazy folks. But it gets better. There’s no cost to start up- which means that for the cheapskates who want something for nothing, you get an amazing ATM in your laptop with no cash out. That’s what we all want, right. Heck, I personally want to snap my thumbs and make cash rain from the heavens.

Close your eyes a moment and imagine what $100 extra  & daily can do for you.

You'll smile as much as her

You’ll smile as much as her


Need proof? Here’s my paypal account created just to catch funds for several methods running this system.

Note the multiple payout streams. If you already exceed this kind of revenue, don’t read on.

Does your dayjob beat my automatic earnings?

Does your dayjob beat my automatic earnings?


And here’s the powerhouse method

1.CreateHitleap account
It’s free to sign up. Your account at hitleap will allow you to exchange traffic between other webmasters to your own sites. For this money making method, you will utilize hitleap to channel traffic to 3 accounts including your PTP membership. Everytime you send traffic to these accounts. You get paid.

Sign up for hitleap here. Once you sign up, you’ll have to let your computer run for 24 hours the first day to let it earn traffic credits which you will apply to the PTP membership. If you want faster results, you can go for a paid membership which gives you thousands of minutes. Again, the paid membership is not necessary- especially for those on a budget. However if you do spring for the paid membership, you will hit the same Paypal revenues as I do from this stream.

You can double the earnings rate by signing up for the Traffic Generator here and having both run at the same time. With multiple hits, the dollars turns into tens of dollars. As with Hitleap, the service is free.

2. CreateEuroJob account

Euro Job will be your primary revenue earner. You will channel all the traffic from Hitleap to Euro Job and make about $20 to $40 a day from this membership. Sign up here.

3. Create an Ultima PTP account

Membership with ultima allows you to earn 50cents per CPM and with Hitleap, those stack up pretty fast. It’s an additional $20 to $50 a day from membership. Sign up here

3. Create a Shorte account
Shorte is a cool service like tinyurl. The difference is that when you shorten urls with Shorte, you get paid when someone clicks on it. You thereby add to your bottomline revenue. Sign up for Shorte here

4. Go to Shorte, short the link from Ultima PTP. You will get URL1.

5. Goto http://cc4.co/ or https://goo.gl/ to short URL1 again, you will get URL2. You do this to cloak the link twice.

Optional: For even better performance, and to prevent getting banned, you can cloak your link with an industry standard cloaker.

We have a cool tool called the BlackLabel Web Chest that generates superior cloaked links and other monetization functions at a click. You can download it here for free.

Make money so fast!

Make money even faster


6. Goto EurJob, click “PAID TO PROMOTE”, you will see your promote link (Like this: http://www.eurjob.com/ptp.php?ref=YourUserName). This URL is vital and will be the source of a lot of your income. Let’s call it URL3.

It doesn't get easier than this

It doesn’t get easier than this


7. Connect URL3 and URL2 by “&url=”. So you will get URL4(Like this: http://www.eurjob.com/ptp.php?ref=YourUserName&url=http://cc4.co/XXXX)

8. Goto Hitleap to promote URL4 and set timer random 40 to 45 seconds. Here’s what it looks like:

You can also direct all traffic from The Traffic Generator to the same link.


Very easy!

What’s all this going to do for your wallet?

Hitleap, as mentioned, is a traffic generator. It sends traffic. By inputting your URL into hitleap, you send thousands of visitors per day to the EUROJOB URL and the SHORTER URL. The more traffic you send, the more income you generate from EUROJOB and SHORTER. That’s two streams of income.

It takes 10 minutes to set everything up- and it’s a one time thing. Ater you leave the enire system running on its own, you merely have to check in every now and then to verify the income headed your way.

NOTE:  Hitleap is a great system for PTP sites, but NEVER use it on your regular website. Doing so leads to bounce rates as high as 90% which will severely impact your ranking.

Need to learn more? This system is a great earner, but the weakest in our arsenal of magical income generators.




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