How to Earn $250 Every Other Day on Facebook

How to Earn $250 Every Other Day on Facebook

Facebook millionaires

It’s the american dream

Earning potentia: $250 daily

Difficulty: Easy

Today you learn how to target active Facebook users related to products that will pay you $250 per commission. The key is to

1. Harvest massive targeted Facebook email addresses already rabid about your specific niche. With this database, you can invite people to yourFacebook fanpage or use Facebook ads to target these people.

2. Generate up to 700,000 likes or shares per post– while quadrupling your fanbase day by day.

For the tutorial, you learn how to get Forex Ads front and center to fanatics of forex earners (a highly converting pool). By the end of this tutorial I will have thousands of Facebook email addresses of forex fans and invite them to my Forex Facebook page or ads.

How to Make The $250 a Day With Facebook Method

Step 1) Download the harvester

Visit http://www.lagimales.com/
Lagimales is a free Facebook UID scaper. The software allows you to scrape Facebook user IDs from pages, groups, and people who liked/commented on photos! If you want a paid solution that does things faster, check out Ulead Pro.

Step 2) Run the Harverster

-Search for many Facebook groups related to Forex fanatics and scrape their IDS and facebook email addresses.
-Search for Facebook pages related to Forex fanatics and click on a photo to scrape the IDS of everyone who commented/liked the photo
-Keep scraping IDS until you have a huge list in a note pad file. Either of both systems in step one will work

Step 3) Let the Magic Begin
Visit http://textmechanic.com/Add-Prefix-Suffix-to-Text.html

Copy and paste the list of User IDs in the input box and type “@facebook.com” in the suffix box. This will convert all the user ids into a email addresses.


johnsmith100 -> [email protected]

Step 4) Compile the list.

Now you have a finished list of thousands of targeted Facebook emails. Import this list in Facebook to invite these people to your Facebook Page or run Facebook Ads and target these people. You can use this list to create a custom audience

Step 5) Create your Revenue Source.

Very few affiliate companies will pay you a $250 commission per lead. But I found that this 8 year old company does– especially for forex, loans and financial instruments do. Sign up here for free. If you want to promote digital software and wealth implements, here’s another superb resource. For those who want up to $97 commission per sale- the adult market is the way to go. I’ve made $300  a day on this alone. Another company pays $30 each time someone downloads an app. If that’s your alley, check this out.

Step 6) Create the Facebook ad and run.

Obtain your affiliate links from the company above. I recommend financial products. These convert fast.  Use Pixlr or Photoshop to create an ad 1200px by 627px. Put a red border around it. Upload it to the facebook ad manager and use a catchy call to action. The landing page of your ad should be the affiliate links from the affiliate company. For the targetting system, upload the list above into the custom audience option of facebook.

Set the ad to run for $5 a day with Optimize for Clicks setting.

Step 7) Create a Regular post to your affiliate product and execute Social Boom

And here’s where the magic begins: Download Social Boom– a free system to get up to 700,000 likes and shares to your facebook post- while quadrupling your fan count. It’ so effective, that often, a regular, non boosted post can outperfrom a paid facebook ad.


Step 8) Expect a pile of cash

Your ad will display only to the highly rabid fans you selected. Impressions can be as high as 10,000 per day. Average conversion to sales is 4%. Do the math.

Count your cash.

Have fun!


Want an automated way to reap even more money? Check this out.

Now go out there and teach others how to earn $250 every other day on Facebook.



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