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Easily Predict Sports Betting Outcomes- With the Z Code System

Are you deciding whether to bet on the New York Yankees or the Minnesota Twins. Let this live Artificial Intelligence guide you:

Witness the Power of the ZCode System

This Z Code Sports Betting System Review takes an indepth look at a system that consistently ranked among the most  favored sports predictors running since since 1999. Among the many sports betting systems, it’s one of the few that passed scrutiny of government regulators.

My Experience with the Z Code Sports Betting System

I’ve used the the Zcode system sometime back 2004 with rather hefty success and now with endless championship games, I’m dusting off the cobwebs  re-evaluate its new interface for the current year.

So What is the Z Code System ?

It’s a sport’s betting system. At the beginning of this page, you witness the hacked live feed of the system in action predicting the winning team based on huge volumes of data.

(Now before you run off and start betting on the figures you see above, read on first for the kicker)

What Does the Z Code Sports Betting System Predict?

The software accesses 9 different sport groups contained in membership with the service: NCAAB, WNBA, NBA, NHL, MLB, Football, NCAAF, NFL and Horse Racing.

In other words, you get  All Year Round Sports Success. This is the closest you get to sports clairvoyance.

When it comes to gambling guidance – there are two kinds of systems you’ll get access to:

Automated Systems
As the name suggests Z Code looks at winning tendency patterns derived from volumes of data including past performance, analysts reports and even forum speculation.

Expert Systems
For the advanced, ES provides hand-picked choices culled from from numerous experts who specialise in an assortment of  sports.

This methodology transforms you into a sound sports investor  based on computer analyzed data. It’s like having ESP for sports betting

The Honesty of Z Code System

What is really likeable about Zcode is the conservative strategy it emphasises you should take to your gambling.

Yes – think of the Z Code for the long gambling year as opposed to short term.  I made $8959 in 2004 using the Z Code Sports Betting System and now it appears things have gotten even better. After testing the 2014 version last April, I consistently got 90% wins on my bets.

We Hacked The Z Code Webminar

Oh by the way, check this out. We hacked their live webminar feed which goes on 24/7. Watch their video for insider gems on sports betting:



So How Does this All Work For Sports Betting Wins

To understand what to bet on you want some structure to your sports investing procedure. Z Code spoonfeeds you with AI that cherry picks teams most likely to win per game and per season.

Behold the VIP Area

In this exclusive section, you’ll find all the days action with a hive of activity from the investment community outlaying various points of interest for each game.

Z Code Sports Betting System


Each ongoing game has a suggestion but betting on EVERYTHING is a surefire way to financial ruin. To know what to bet on you need some structure to your sports investing process and this is thankfully provided for you through a link to the expert systems under the Hot Trends tab.

Z Code Expert Picks


Therein is the gold of your Z-Code membership.

Whilst there is a wealth of sports betting knowledge to digest yourself from this system and draw up your own winning formulas (and in time you may well take this approach), the recommendation from this point is to follow one of the expert pickers and learn from their experience.

Here’s How Zcode achieves an 90% success rate:

Zcode urges that you follow the A-B-C betting technique. That is, make a 1-unit bet. If you lose, make a 2-unit bet. If you lose that, make a 3-unit bet. If you lost that, reset and start back with your “A” bet. Quite great odds, but it’s a little misleading, and that’s why I needed to clear the air now.

Some Downsides of the Zcode System

“What? He is gonna give us bad points, also?!” I guaranteed that this would be a honest, no BS review, and I intend to stick by that.

  • there’s a LOT of information. So much so, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Analyzing pitcher ratings, Power Rankings, Win/Loss streaks, and all that jazz. All this advice can turns off beginner sports investors. You can easily have 20 recommended stakes going, especially during peak gambling seasons.
  • This isn’t for the casual sports investor. You really should have bankroll of at least $50/month.

And the GREAT things about Zcode System?

Well yes, actually, there are. Quite a few to be honest.

  • The newsgroup. Zcode not only gives the machine recommendation to you, but an extremely active community also weighs in and gives their two cents about each match. Maybe there’s a key factor that Zcode does not understand about? Do not worry, the forum members will let you know about it before you plunk down your wager.
  • There are quite a few “systems within the system”. Zcode gives you the mega lists of information. If you don’t want to deep dive that data- feel free to have the AI decide for you. I’ve made money following these and not touching anything else. (Additionally, there are systems created by forum members you can follow. The degree of flexibility Zcode offers is something I’ve never seen in a betting system before.)
  • Zcode is always being upgraded. It is not an ebook. I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed seeing “Copyright 2008” at the bottom of a guide that I recently bought. A lot can change in 4 years (Saints 1st Super Bowl victory, anyone?). How do I know that these systems still work? I really appreciate the Zcode guys keeping it fresh.
  • The support staff is amazing. This is not some deal that some man threw on Clickbank 3 years past and left up there to suck up cash, there are genuine humans behind Zcode (27 of them to be exact). They always get back to my support tickets within 24 hours.


PS, We grabbed a copy of the Sports Predictor just for you. Download it here!

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Oh and and while you’re here, you might want to try the live game simulator:

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Z Code Sports Betting System Video: What it’s all about!



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