Awesome Success: 13 Rules of Making Things Happen

Elements of Success

No one is born a success, but everyone has the capacity to become one. As Chuck Norris once said, “Greatness isn’t this amazing, esoteric, evasive godlike characteristic that just the special among us will ever taste. It is something which infuses every soul.”

Not there yet? It may help tap into the driving forces that great men have used. While there’s surely no single road to success, there does appear to be some distinctive, irresistible patterns to getting there. Are you ready for greatness?

#1 Believe in yourself , but be conscious of your limits
The initial step to achieving all your goals and making your wishes come true commences with the realisation that you’re human: you’re not perfect and you also can not do everything alone.

Keep realistic. Do not build too much pressure on yourself that you find it difficult to go.

#2 De-litter & simplify
You’ve got a thousand concerns wailing for attention: you must finish the excel reports; you must take out dog; and the neverending home chores are waiting. Arrange your calendar and make room for more fun; make time to socialise; help the children with assignments; and attend a gazillion parties. Do not even get started on what needs to be done at the office.

Let us get one thing right–you cannot commence anything unless you reduce, cut back, simplify–the overwhelmed person achieves nothing. And while on this subject, automate things as much as you can. If you can offload rote tasks to computers, do so.

Here’s a genius who created software that literally prints real money – and he’s giving away for free!

#3 Use everything in moderation
This is something I live by, be it work, socials, overeating, shopping, or watching an excessive amount of TV–it keeps things in perspective. Adopt the doctrine of “having enough”: there is no need to visit extremes, so exercise common sense and learn to control any fanatical behavior. Hence: blow less money than you make. Observe your diet.  Keep the boob tube minimal.

#4 Handle others how they would like to be treated
You may wade into trouble should you deal with others the way you would like to be treated, instead of how they’d like you to treat them. The Golden Rule of “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” is one of the most flawed statements ever made.

Say you like rock music. The Golden Rule would impose that you play rock music when others visit you.

Rather, follow the Platinum Rule of “Giving Others What They Want”. Hence, you have an appointment with a Japanese businessman who loves Italian. You on the other hand love sushi. Will you invite him to sushi?

Hell no.

Strive to be sensitive to the demands of others.

#5 Pay attention to the second
Savor every moment. Stop thinking ten steps ahead. You will never truly live if you do.

#6 Have a positive mindset
You’re what you believe all day long. In the event you have nothing but negative thoughts racing through your thick skill, then that is what you’re going to get, so try switching to a more favorable outlook on life. You may be surprised to see that whatever you wished for will begin to manifest.

#7  Evolve. Continually.
The most fascinating folks are those who take an interest in life and never let go of the “beginner’s mind”. They find learning opportunities and vow to grow, both personally and professionally.

Be a lifelong student. Learning is an anti-aging technique of great power. Read great books.Make an effort to learn something new every day.Take classes in areas you love.

And learn to move things with your mind. Here’s how.

#8 Be enthusiastic about something.
Rare are those bursting with energy and vigor that others feel compelled to listen to them, and feel attracted to them.

Firey lawyers, budding interior designers, gourmet chocolate fans, vintage collectors– try asking them a question about their interest and they’ll talk your ears off.

You would like to be that fellow: someone who is full of love for something important. Have one significant advocacy that ignites your fire, and you will start each day looking forward to something unique.

#9 Surround yourself with supportive individuals
3 matters can alter your life: friends, tomes & your thoughts. Pick them wisely. Avoid gloomers and doomers. The worst people to be around are those chronic complainers, depressed moaners and glum naysayers.

#10 Banish the word “perfection.
Listen to what you tell your kids: always do your best and forget about the rest. You’re skilled enough. Strive for excellence, not for perfection

#11 Mend it, or deal with it, but quit whining about it.
Do you love those who whine all the time.

I don’t.

There are millions of people that have been dealt a poor hand, but they have turned lemons into lemonade. Do not blame others for your troubles. Do not make excuses. Do not be too sensitive. Do not be a drama queen.

In the country where I’ve grown up, the millions of squatters constantly gripe about their lot in life, and how unfair government is for failing to uplift their condition. But ask them if they’ve ever done something to evolve. You’ll get a blank stare.

Oprah Winfrey grew in the slums and ascended to become the most powerful woman on the planet.

#12 Remember matters that you’re thankful for
Try this exercise: whenever you’re feeling low, make a record of all matters which make you joyful, joyous, and thankful. A lovely family, adoring chihuahua, supportive frienemies, solid health, happy house, a job which pays the debts, surprise dinner prepared by a loving partner, a website, favourite books and keepsakes, sudden twenty dollar bill in your jeans pocket. Everything counts.

After you have done this note how the feelings of doom and gloom have faded.  It’s impossible not to be cheered up after remembering all the wonderful things you’ve got in your own life. Be glad, and consistently make room for more well-being.

#13 You can have it all, only not at the exact same time
There isn’t any greater truth than this: you cannot achieve all at the same space. You’ve just 24 hours per day and must care for your relationships, work and spirit.

Any specified day, the focus will change: walk the dog. See the folks. Grow the empire. Plant corn. You have a million things to do and just one of you.

You do not have to do everything all at once, and life does not have to be complicated. Simple living is aware living.

Ready to make life magic?

Joseph Plazo

16 Rules of Success