Adwords Secrets: Case Study on CityMarque.com

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For today’s crash course we look at CityMarque.com, a London-based online apartment booking system. To begin any branding or leads generation campaign, we examine at the industry and nature of the service in question.

Step One: Profiling The Site for Keyword Research

Due diligence begins with tools like SemRush, Wordstrean and MarketSamurai. The early analytical foray gets a good overview of what the search engines think the target site is about:

Here’s data from Semrush as to organic rankings.

keyword analysis and research


Revealing. The site targets the local apartment scene in London. For keyphrases which the site ranks for in the top 10, there is no further need for paid ads. Paid PPC is required for non-ranked keyphrases.

Let’s look deeper into the organic traffic.

keyword research guide

The site ranks for  56 high volume keyphrases which is average.  Most of it’s traffic is US Mobile at 31% meaning that the site ought to be optimized for mobile users hailing from North America.

As for the competition, we see that the site squares off against exact match domains in the top ten.

organic competition


Step 2:  Drive Traffic With Keyword Research Via Google PPC

Observation: Keyword analysis reveals that CityMarque.com fights in the “serviced apartments in London” niche. Primary audience is the US market.

Firing up Google Keyword Planner on this basket of keyphrases, we find potential generic phrases:

google keyword planner

Apparently many of the keyphrases are not buying keyphrases (hence wouldn’t lead to sales). The key is to find the actual volume of keyphrases that converts to viable leads.

In the industry of managed apartments , buying keyphrases include words like:

  • buy
  • sale
  • discount
  • coupon
  • cheap
  • affordable
  • online
  • purchase

Some Keyword planner suggestions yield:

Google Keyword planner usage

Digging deeper we find nice buying keyphrases with 2000+ searches and high paid competition that include:

  • London Apartments for Sale
  • London Apartments for Rent
  • Serviced Apartments in London

At a cost of $3 per click we can run a campaign on three keyphrases with multiple ad variations for a split test on the best performers.

Normally, one would prefer buying keyphrases with a search volume of 50,000 to 100,000 but this may prove costly. Let budget and payback period be the guide for your PPC.

Here’s where it get’s easy: creating the ad collateral itself.

There will be no need to brainstorm for new ideas when we can copy the top performers:

Google ads sample


Aparently some of the best performing ads from the same niche are run by AirBNB. This ad is at the top due to a solid quality score. The trick therefore is to create a smilar ad- but with more gut impact.

A recommended ad variation cloned from AirBNB will have the following elements:

  • Title: Serviced London Apartments
  • Body: From $30, Cozy London Apartments |Any Term |Wifi | Call Now

Some keyword resarch tips for your ads:

  • Include the desired keyphrase in the Title and Body to boost quality score.
  • Include emotional words and Call to Action
  • Split test- run at least two ads to the same or multiple landing pages
  • Only have a small number of keywords for each Ad Group
  • Bid high now, save money later
  • Use Descriptive vs. Salesy Adjectives
  • Speak plain english to boost your Click-Through-Rate
  • Put benefits and features in their proper place
  • Hint: A probing question can boost the  Click-Through-Rate of PPC ads by 244%
  • Put prices in your Ad Text and save with every click- you weed out the tire-kickers and freebie seekers
  • Send your prospect to the right page. If your landing page sucks, you’re burning money.
  • Tell prospects what to do next and boost Your CTR. Call to actions include : “Book Now” “Claim Coupon in 24 hours”

If you need more information on great keyword research techniques, I highly recommend the following resource.

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization 

Google PPC, Bing PPC and the usual ad networks do drive traffic but at a recurring cost which can impact the bottomline. Hence if you have access to link building tools including FCSNetworker or GSA SER, then SEO will provide a better long term route. Organic ranking is a cash cow. It doesn’t cost.

As per Market Samurai, several buying keyphrases reveal high SEO Value and relatively easy to crush competition:

super rankings

If we were to rank CityMarque.com for “serviced apartments London”, we don’t face a monumental task because:

  • The top twenty competitors are not Title Optimized
  • The top twenty competitors and not generally exact match domains
  • The top twenty competitors do not have very high trust flow, citation flow, page authority. Unfortunately, the page authority and page rank of many competitors are quite high. In which case we may need  heavy duty tiered link building

Cursory suggestions to improve the SEO of the target page include:

  • On site optimization to include a keyword density of 1% in the Title, Body, Tags and Images
  • Related video inclusion to improve bounce rate
  • Links to authority sites.

For an indepth guide on black hat SEO that works, you may want the best selling SEO Swat Tactics by also the author of this article

SEO Swat Tactics

 Step 4. Alternative Network Sources

Google PPC is old hat, costs a pretty penny and simply does not provide the same oomph as Youtube Marketing, Social PPC, PPV, CPA and the use of powerhouse networks like Pulse360.com.

The latter network Pulse360 is a very special ad network that I’ve used for a year-  you can reach your audience across thousands of websites with a single media buy!  We’re not talking low class blog farms. Your ad will show on top sites like: MSNBC, Comcast.net, Gannett Digital, NBC Sports, USAToday.com, Weather.com and thousands  more!

No budget for Pulse360? Then Youtube Marketing is the weapon of choice. Deploying the notorious Unlist Method, any video can hit 100,000 views in less than 5 days.

Here’s a teaser of what Youtube Marketing can do for sites like CityMarque.com

Are you ready to rank? Get down to it and begin with solid keyword research!


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