Accustrength – A Forex Strategy for Near Infallibility

Accustrength – A Forex Strategy that Grants Real Trend Foresight.Currency Meter Power

How many trades did you lose today? Two? Five? Follow this rule and you’ll never lose:

Buy a currency when it is weak and sell when it is strong.

No matter how many indicators are plugged into your Metatrader 4,  no combination of Moving averages, RSI or oscillator mumbo jumbo can predict future trends on the basis of one pair of currencies. Effortlessly dominate the game with a a full picture of the market. That requires seeing the underlying trends through an understanding of the relative strength of all currencies at any given time. That’s how money is made.

Currency Favoritism Doesn’t Work

I used to trade only the EUR/USD because I was familiar with them. I didn’t know what a Swissy was nor did I care for the Yen. That led to myopia and a severe crutch: failure to comprehend the trends within the Market as a whole.

Then I learned that some currencies tend to move together. Others traversed opposite paths. I later realized that a full appreciation of inherent current strength was key to uncanny prediction. A reliance on the movement of a single currency pair was as primitive as sprinting against a Ferarri.

I began to look at the movement of all currency pairs.

Multiple Currency Pair Analysis

Most traders follow two to four pairs at any given time. That’s when real patterns emerge. However the human brain would not be able to track multiple pairs efficiently. There’s too much noise and vaccilations.  The situation gets worse near economic news reports.

Then I discovered currency strength meters.

The Accustrength – It’s Like ESP for traders.

Back in 2008, I stumbled across a nifty tool called the FX4Caster. The software  isolates eight individual currencies. It shows you their individual currency strength and weakness, based on what’s happening realtime in the 26 pairs it is taking a sample of every few seconds.

Here’s what my current upgraded copy looks like.

Accustrength chart


Let’s take a scenario

Here’s and example: say the AUD get weak, but the CHF starts to spike on the graph. The meter whips out the cards and nudges, “SHORT THE AUD when it has exhausted itself at the level 8 and go long on the CHF when it has hit 2– NOW!” You quickly enter a trade that would have otherwise never occurred to you.

Another example. For the image above, take note that the JPY had been rising in power.  The USD on the other hand had been going down.It’s a 2.100. That means the USDJPY is on an downtrend- you can tell that much even without looking at the Metatrader charts. Put another way, the JPY gained in strength while the USD shed its power. The call to action is buy JPY, sell USD

My Personal Trading Technique

I rarely use the busload of indicators I relied on in the past. They suffer an inherent limitation of deriving data merely on one currency pair alone . With the meter tracking 28 different currencies, I can spot and combine up to 49 trading pairs!

Here’s what I do:

1. I look for one currency that’s getting stronger (Orange or Red) – that is, 5.5 onwards

2. I look for a weak currency or one getting weaker (Yellow or Blue)- that is, 4 or less

3. I pair both and look at the Metatrader chart to confirm the trend. The only indicators I use for confirmation would be the simple moving averages as well as the stochastic. If I’m feeling picky, I consult the Awesome Oscillator and Accelerator Oscillator just to ascertain the momentary trend.

4. I hit buy or sell upon confirming the true trend from the 1M to 15M time frames.

That’s how I’ve done it for almost 6 years- and boy, I tell you, applying this prior to the release of news reports can be devasting.

And Here’s my Secret for 99% Zero Loss Trades

Did you know you can even turn off the regular Metatrader chart and rely on the Accustrength grapher above. How?

First, I look for a cross-over of the currencies, that is, when currency strengths change position. Box A illustrates this.

Then I wait a few minutes to ensure that the strengthening and weaking of the currencies continue. I’m after the trend.

Box B indicates that the JPY currency had appreciated whereas the USD (Box C) and GBP had weakened.

The phenomenon tells me to SELL GBPJPY or the USDJPY. That much is evident even without looking the mess that is the Metatrader candle stick charts.

You’ll never Lose Again

Tom Yeoman is the brains behind this entire endeavor. You can learn more about this invaluable gift by watching his videos. Click here or the image below for his free trading videos. (Yep, he’s generous). The FX4caster had currenly been renamed to Accustrength FX. You can grab that here.

currency trader

A little on Trading The News

As a trader, I love massive pip jumps- whether up or down. I merely open long should the pair jump up or open short should the pair plummet. To maximize my gains, I use the Accustrength system to pair a currency with news report coming out with another one at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Exemplifying, the USD will have a heavy economic report coming out at 830AM EST. The meter shows the USD to be at 6.00 strength. On the other hand, the JPY is currentlyat 2.00.

Ah. Now THAT is the pair I’ll trade. Something no indicator can reveal, but only which the Accustrength FX can.

I open a straddle position with USDJPY seconds before the news… and bam! The pip swing goes crazy upon release.

Feel My Exhilaration! The Accustrength is All I ever needed.

There are numerous  indicators out there ranging in the hundreds of dollars. The Megatrend costs $200.  Forex Secret Weapon costs $1000+ a month. I’ve personally seen strong reviews on their usage and some associates do see gold with their use.

Indeed those tools have their merits but lack what the Accustrength provides: an insider view on the real strength of currencies around the world. And who doesn’t always crave for the insider view?

Start winning today folks. It’s time to fly with the Tom Yeoman currency meter.

And here’s a treat for you: for $100 you get 100 days worth of data. Only at Hoply.info. At every other site, your pay double that.

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-Joseph Plazo



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