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Imagine some financial, equities or forex trader went to you and says:

“I can guarantee you 100% wins on all your transactions.”

What’s the most intelligent response? Run for the hills of course. Theres no such thing as a guaranteed zero loss technique when trading in volatile  markets.

Now what if he said, “I can guarantee you 99% wins on all your transactions”

This is different. This is doable. And today is your lucky day, because I will teach you my powerful technique that will ensure 19 out of 20 wins everytime in the forex market. But first, I want to present you with proof:

Check out those numbers. Look good? 

forex 99% wins

 For those of you happy with massive pip wins of $200 to $1000 per trade, you can skip this article. However if you want to generate several $40 to $80 trade wins per day, read on. What I will teach you will ensure almost zero losses but at consistently small profit levels.

Losses are Still Possible

I mentioned 99% wins? Let me be honest with my screenshot of a loss. The following loss of $70 arose from carelessness. I forgot about a news report due.

Still, you see how consistent my wins are. In a single day.


 Absolute forex wins

My Method of 99% Guaranteed  Forex Wins

(I call this the Lexi Cimagala Scalper Technique)

Obtain a Low Spread Broker

First make sure that you sign up with a broker that offers amazingly low spreads. One reason I kept winning was that my broker didn’t fleece me with those $6 to $20 spreads. I’m looking at you Oanda and FXCM!

My broker is based in New Zealand and they’re called Excel Markets. You can sign up here and they actually get you  amazing rebates when you fund your accout. Spreads are as low as .68 for EUR/USD.

Choose a broker with high spreads and you’ll need to make at least 8 to 10 pips to break even. That’s a surefire killer when trading volatiles like GBP/USD.

Activate Four built-in Indicators in Metatrader

You don’t need to buy a boat load of indicators that lag or give lousy signals. For my system I rely on a cornerstone of the following:

Setup Your Indicators To Exploit the Fibonacci Rules

Fibonacci pervades nature- everything from the galaxies down to the movements of atoms. It also governs the flow of forex trends. Heard of the fibonacci retracement? It’s inevitable. That rule governs how soon you can open a position after a retracement.

Today, you learn how to set up perfect entry positions using a little known fibo fact.

Start winning. Enable the EMA 5 and EMA 13. These are key Fiboacci numbers. Then fire up the EMA 200.

The EMA 200 tells you the trend.

Scan the Trend

Most people trade exclusively in the M1 or M5 chart. Don’t. The noise is horrible and it masks the medium term trend. Instead, activate the 30M chart. Peruse your EMAs.

If the trend is up (EMA 200), wait till both the EMA 5 and EMA 13 cross above the EMA 200 line.

Upon the cross, wait for one candle to close completely above the cross, like so:

Forex EMA cross


Wait till the first Heiken Ashi bar closes above the cross of the EMA 5 and EMA 13.  

At this point, you can refer to the M1 and M5 chart. If the M1 is peaking, you want to look 10 or 15 pips below the current price. This will be your entry.

When the next bar appears, pull the trigger.

Open the Position

Refer to the photo again. The third blue candle above closed completely above the cross of both EMA 5 and EMA 13. The indication is that a BUY will be 80% possible. You can open your BUYING position.

 However, to raise your chances of a 95% perfect trade, I strongly recommend confirming the relative strengths of the currency with a powerful currency meter.

The image below demonstrates:

currency meter


For the USDJPY pair you’re attempting to open a BUY position, take note of the relative currency strengths between each individual currency of a pair. From the currency chart above we see that the Blue Line (Amercian Dollar) is far above the Tan Line (Japanese Yen). The implication is that the US Dollar indeed carries more relative power across the board.

That is your signal.

Open a buy position immediately. If you have a $1000 deposit with your broker, set the position to 1 lot, no less.  Also, ensure that your leverage is 1:300 or 1:400

Note, the only currency meter I recommend is that created by Tom Yeoman. Most other meters do not accurately reflect underlying market condictions. You can download his meter here.

Paranoid for More Confirmation

Personally, I tend to be a stickler for solid confirmation. If you’ve completed the aforementioned checks, you can be assured of a close to 95% success rate. But you’re a perfectionist. You hate losing money.  Let’s take it to 99%

There is a powerful indicator called the MegaTrend. Created by a genius at both Forex and Neural programming, the developer devised an indicator that aggregates the signals of over 148 standard Metatrader indicators.  The indicator looks like this:



The rules are simple. If you plan to SELL, check the M30 chart. The indicator should be over 51% SELL. For the aforementioned case, M30 registers 56%. Good sign.

Then do a cursory check on the M1 to M15 periods. Over 51% as well? That’s your call from God Himself to initiate the SELL.

Fire away.

Incidentally you can download the 2014 Megatrend Indicator here.

Oh there’s good news. The developer has provided the 2012 version of this amazing indicator for instant download. You can download it free here:


Take Profit – at 10 pips

Don’t be greedy. The moment you open the Buy or the Sell position, immediately set a take proift at 10 pips. 99% of the time the market will move immediately in that direction before a whipsaw or reversal. You will have pocketed the money in 30minutes or less.

Play it again Sam.

Need another triumph?

Repeat the process. Is the M30 price line still over the EMA 5 and EMA 15 crossover? Does the Megatrend issue a resounding 51%+ without any of the Oversold/Overbought dots lighting? That’s your signal to SELL again. Open a position. Then TP at 10 pips.

The Megatrend can allow you to hit take profit almost ten times in just 2 hours. No kidding. Again, refer to my screenshots of profits above.

Reward yourself. Buy your BMW5 Series

Trade only during the US and the London open and away from news releases. The most predictable trends occur within the first 2 hours of the open. I recommend no more than 6 trades a day.

Keep your lots at 1.0 and leverage at 1:400, then for every 10 pips on the EUR/USD, you can expect around $30 pure profit. Do this 6 times a day and you have $180. Now calculate the monthly earnings.

Take note: avoid trading in a ranging market. That’s a sure-fire loss. The Megatrend Indicator turns grey when that happens and to date, I haven’t been bamboozled with a faulty signal.

Now get out there and start trading!


 User Contributions from Readers

Several of our readers have been so thankful for this information that they’ve uploaded systems they’ve developed or used to share with the rest of you. I am unfamiliar and can’t vouch for these, so use at your own risk:

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