$95 a Day: Make Money With Youtube and Vimeo

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Money Potential: $95 per video per day

Difficulty: Easy

The Method

Most people go to youtube to watch cats fighting dogs or hot girls doing nasty things. It’s a complete waste of time especially when you can leverage the power of youtube to make you money really fast! Here are the facts according to ViralBlog.com:

youtube facts

That’s a lot of couch potatoes


The simple fact is this: have a video running with some form of monetization scheme and that video will generate you money for life after the initial 30 minutes it took to set everything up. Here’s how to do it really fast:

1. First affiliate yourself (for free) with a network that converts well on Youtube. From my last 3 years experience, I find that this ad network and this ad network drives at least $100 a day from a well made video.This network in particular pays you up to $25 for an email submission if originating from Europe. For those who want payouts up to $50 per lead, this is the best ad network. The last one though, requires minimum earning of $100 before withdrawal.

2. Purchase for yourself a $2 hosting at Hostgator. You don’t need to build a website, but you will need to build redirect scripts on that site. It is necessary so you can embed the high converting ads from the network onto your video. More on the redirect script later.

3. Create a video in HD. Youtube tends not to ban or delete videos made in HD. You can use your phone camera to shoot a 60 second video or you can create a video from Powerpoint slides using Camtasia. Yep, for those who want things for nothing, that’s free too.

You’ll notice that a whole lot of videos on youtube are nothing but powerpoint videos- and they have 100,000 views!.A conversion rate of 1% on those views paying at $5 a click is a lot of money- far more than you’re making at your dayjob for sure. You can hit $200/day on a well made video.

Now a few tips:

  • Videos that hint at weight loss, sexual prowess and dating convert a lot for health offers.
  • Videos that promise iPhone or Tablet giveaways convert so fast for gadget offers.

Create the video providing extremly good tips, but hint at the end there’s more to come, and all the viewer has to do is to click the link below the video.

Upload the video to Youtube.com. To make money, ensure that:

  • The title of the video has all the keyphrases you want to find for. A good example is “Revealed: Fat Burning Weight Loss Secret that eliminates 10lbs a month”.  A bad example is “Please watch my video. Please! I’m desperate to make money” . Success occurs when your video is found- and to be found begins with a title that really tells what the video is about,
  • Ensure that the body copy of the video has the same keyphrases and and a strong call to action. Passionate words help. An example would be, “Experts find the key molecule that eliminates fat absorption and enhances burning of lipids at the mitochondrial level.Initial studies have revealed a sharp weight loss of 10lbs per month. Click here for the unique ingredient of that study.”  The “click here will redirect to your monetization link
  • Do the same for the tags of the video
  • Use a very enticing cover page for the video. Funny animals, a hot set of abs tend to work.

Here’s a sample:

hallmarks of a good video

hallmarks of a good video

For the sample above, the creator hit 633,679 views in a bid to drive traffic to another site. Imagine a mere 1% conversion on that. ROI would have been hit!

4. Monetization Tactics

From step 1 of this article, select a high paying offer that nets you a $1 to $20 commission each time the viewer simply submits his email or Zip code. Another great money maker are the offers that give a free download or gift coupon. Choose these. People love those because it’s free and costs nothing.

Here’s a sample of offers that I promote on youtube:

Looks like your salary?

Looks like your salary?


If just 1 person submits an email, I get $25.00. If two people submit an email, I get $50. And so on. So just how lucrative is this? Behold:


make money with youtube

how’s that for zero effort


Link Cloaking Techniques Required

Youtube tends to frown if you embed a direct link to the monetization links provided by the affiliate companies from step 1. If you insert the raw link, you may get your video deleted in a week. There is a way around this and that’s why you needed the hosting earlier discussed in step 2.

In the past, it was easy to cloak affiliate monetization links with TinyUrl.com or Bit.ly. The sad thing is, Youtube now bans those links. The circumvention is easy. Embed your affiliate code in an html file on your domain using the following code:

You can't get caught!

Simply copy the text to a pure text file and replace the instances where you see affiliate links with your own. Rename the file to .html and upload to your server. Give it a memorable name like “Losefattoday.html”

If your domain is called Jackroberts.com, then the URL you upload to the youtube description is “Jackroberts.com/losefattoday.html

Yep. It’s that easy.

Automating the Cloaking

Let’s make it easier. You don’t have to type all that code. We have a cool tool called the BlackLabel Web Chest that generates superior cloak links and other monetization functions at a click. You can download it here for free.


Make money so fast!

Make money even faster


6. How to Be Found On Youtube

Now your video is live. That won’t bring in success yet. You see, videos are ranked by youtube not just on the basis of Title and Description alone. To be seen by viewers and to go viral, you must have an initial number of views first. When youtube sees growing popularity for your video, then it starts to move your video up the viewing pedestal. The money comes in.

You can of course watch the video yourself or tell your friends to do so, but that would take too much effort. Is there an easier way? You bet!

First you’ll have to sign up at these two traffic exchanges. This is the first and this is the second. Both are free membership. You can have the traffic exchanges run on your video till you hit 500 views, then you stop.

Too much traffic generated from the services above can result in a banning of your video. You just need enough to get that visibility. After 500 views are achieved, you go viral steadily.  People naturally see your video and you get clicks. Clicks mean money. There’s more info on traffic exchanges from our previous post here.

7. Take Your Earnings to Overdrive

Did you know that you can fully automate the entire process and create something like a self-poplulating Block Buster movie site with thousands of movies- each one monetized with the networks above. That’s when things get really interesting. It’s the power of taking things to scale! For more information on this, check this out

For a 56 page report on deeper secrets, download it here.



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