Make Money Quick Today – Unethically.

Internet Marketers: Double Your Profit and Make Money Quickmake money quick

Here’s a psychological trick marketers use: the fake half price discount. Are you familiar with it? I’m confident you’ve been victimized by this- and it can get merchants rich very quickly. This is how it works:

  • Marketer has a ¬†product worth $300 to produce.
  • Marketer slaps on a price tag of $400 to sell it.
  • For six months you see that price. You wait till Black Friday to purchase it.
  • On Black Friday, you see a sign: “Now at $400 only, down from $800!”
  • You buy the product if Alzheimers had set in prior to the sale.

Does this bait and switch tactic sound familiar?

The method works like gangbusters- the trick can make money quick. I do not recommend it due to trust issues that will definitely arise.


Some unethical marketing to make money quick:

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